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Long Beach Police Department Beats Up Gay Black Woman (Allegedly) [Video]

Posted on July 17, 2008 5:00 PM

Written By Biko Baker

The crooked coppers are at it again!


Posted by Biko


Ayo rick ross...What's up wit yo boys man??

she deserved it

We as black people need to stop instigating dumb ish, why did you flip the cop off? Do you personally know him? Did he do something to you in the past? or did you think you were cool by doing that on a bus? You probably thought he wouldnt pull it over...oops he did, then you got smart, oops, you got it coming...

This message is for those dumbasses cheese805 and Swagg101 the two most dumbest bitches of our time. I dont care what she did if she didnt hit him verbally abuse him or anything like that no one deserves to be slug around just because they give anyone the finger I could give both of you bitches the finger does that give you the right to run upon a good ass whooping with ya'lls dumbasses. Fuck ya'll and those racist bastards. Matters if she knows him matters if he done something to her in the past and matters if she thought she was cool you bowing down stupid ass bitch I wish I knew you two dumb bastards.

shit like this makes me wanna blow a pigs face off! it makes bitch ass pigs like dem feel like men wen they rough up girls n shit.....swag101 says she deserved it...i think u deserve to be stomped on just 4 sayin suttin dumb like that.....get ur mind right pussy

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