Up Close & Personal With The Obamas


I've seen a couple of these pictures online at various websites. Good thing the homie David Dix sent these to me. I was too lazy to try and find them on my own. Don't forget to holla at me at bikobaker.com

Yesterday I found this story (damn, I can't remember where?!) that said that the Secret Service blamed Sarah Palin for having to step up their efforts to secure Barack Obama. Apparently, the racist skinhead types got inspired every time Palin said that Obama wasn't patriotic. Check the story out here.

The World Celebrates Obama's Victory


I was sitting at home and sulking about the fact that my time with SOHH is about to be over when I found this great photo essay at Time.com. Apparently the ballers at TIme had a bunch of photographers all over the world snapping pics on election day. Looks like American Negros weren't the only ones that were happy. Check the link here

I'm sorry, but who is this dude!?

Okay, I don't really feel like a Black Republican. I just needed a cool title to get you guys to come in and read my blog. You know it's tough on SOHH bloggers these days. But my home girl Chloe Hillard from the Village Voice did have the unfortunate opportunity of kicking it with some Black Republicans on election night.

I Can Feel It in the Air!!!!!


Jasiri X once again drops another episode. This time he spits to one of my most favorite beats ever.

Common Talks About Obama's Victory


I guess Com was excited!!!

buy it here

This Pic Says It All!!!

Presidents of the USA

Can You Believe It?


I woke up this morning with incredible feelings of hope and satisfaction. For the first time in my life time young African-Americans all across this country have a leader they can look up to who isn't a rapper or musician. And no, I am not disrespecting the thousands of great public intellectuals that work hard for this country everyday. But let's be real, a lot of leaders don't have the same swagger or influence that Barack Obama has.

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