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Bun B's Live Show In Houston



Last week Bun rocked a show in his home town of Houston at Club Konnections. Peep these flicks of the action:

(ed note: SOHH,com wrote about the shooting this week. Read the background info here.)

We got in the club like we weren't going there to party because we already know in the hood anything can happen. That's how we think- anytime we go out anything can happen in these situations. We got in the club and everybody was in the club dancing. We played a couple of songs off the mixtape, played a couple joints off the album and what not.

No more than a half an hour after being in the club we just heard shots.

How Bang 'Em and Domination Hooked Up

Me and Bang ‘Em knew each other for over 10 years. People got it confused. They think we hooked up through music, but we hooked up through friends first.

A lot of people think we are the ones igniting this fire, but actually, a lot of things took place and we’re pointing the finger at them.

If I had my choice, I rather not talk about them because I got skills, but the beef with G-Unit started when 50 and Smurf had a record label together called Hallow Point Entertainment. Hallow Point Entertainment, the CD they had sold 500,00 records, so that was 325,000 dollars Smurf had up in the air, because he had some of that company and 50 never gave it to him and Smurf was locked for the same charges he’s in on now. His bail was 75,000. 50 didn’t want to put up the money. Ya know, 50 didn’t have to put up his own money. He could have put up Smurf’s money and he felt that Smurf wasn’t good enough for the money, so from then on, we have had shallow feelings.


The album is self explanatory, never take anything for granted because I never take anything for granted. Here today and gone tomorrow. You could have a million now and be broke next week. Vice Versa. You could be down on your luck and God could pull you out of that, so I count my blessings everyday.

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