Who Hates The "Trap" Rapper? Music by:Oj the Juiceman, Project Pat, Dro and LA


Why you mad? I don’t get it. If you look at the latest street grind the “trap” rapper is doin it. Oj the Juiceman, Project Pat, Papa Duck, etc. People get upset at these dudes and I think it’s ridiculous. You worship other rappers who are talkin about the same shit in a slicker way. Check the lyrics! They just have on more fashionable “to you” clothes, say 1 or 2 possitive things and you all of a sudden act like all rappers should be like them. Get off Europes D*ck !!

Boring as hell. Also very corny. Some people will do anything yes ” you know” anything to be accepted in this world of segregated wealth. The whole got dam United States of America is a trap. Did you not just see the biggest scam in history. Oh that’s right you still under the lights. Give it time, the shit will hit the fan.

Go ahead. Be mad as hell at these so called Trap rappers. Your MVP Rappers work for white supremacy to keep Negros in this country under control. Set standards that are manufactured by access to wealth by way of selling out. Yes you to can be the man if you sell your soul to the right people. So who’s the real trap rapper? Put your signs in the air to your own death, and dumbness. Hey don’t get mad at me. Just know what you worshiping before you get on the boat. Truth is the truth. We in a digital age, your invisible clothes are showing.

Lets get a lil music going since i got you all vexed.

Shout out to Ms. Drama. Here’s an interview she did wit Pat recently.

Don Cannon has a new mixtape out wit Mack Maine. Here’s a cut floating across net.

We really can’t be worried about what people think. There are a lot of different types of people in this world. Media by force of the Internet is finally embracing the many different types of Black males in society. So the trap rapper is just one more personality who deserves exposure. If you talk to these cats wit true concern of your fears or ignorant assumptions you are bound to find out that they are just like you.

You worried about the images getting out to the kids but you still have yet to address the root of the corruption. You sound scared to me. You still say things like ” The war on drugs”. By the way, as a people, dam we look good. Young Dro and Young LA got a song for it, like to hear it. Hear it go.

Just tell me what you think? But have some discussion behind it. Don’t come with the one two “F” you comments. Really why can’t we have a million different types of rap without media forcing them to hate on each other. Do you remember what happened when Martin and Malcolm were about to come together? Well that’s why its the Media’s job to keep up this bullshit. When in the back of the club and in the neighborhood cuts the backpack rapper, the trap rapper, the conscious rapper, and even the dancing rapper all pull from the same blunt…….Church.

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