The Great American Set Up: Obama "Mindless Loyalty" Trae and Rob G Unite!, B.O.B., Rick Ross


Well well well. We finally did it. Or did we. I guess it all depends on which Uncle you ask? First lets jump into it like this. When people say shit like “Illegal Aliens”, they speak of what they don’t know. They’re ignorant to the news channel they watch. Or when they say ” Them mexicans need to go back home”, have they once thought about the fact that them same mexicans built Texas. Or the fact that technically America is home considering the fact this is stolen land.

Trae the truth and Rob G have crafted a classic. BET, Yes I’m calling you out, Should do a special on this. Or will you sit there and continue to call Micheal Jordans new shoe strings News. You know dam well there is a plot to put us against each other. Media can prevent this, but do you? Lets just watch how they handle this years racial festivities.

Lets keep the party going. No need to stop there. Replace Obama with some of your favorite entertainers, and rappers. Ironically the same people that control and placed him, control these same figures in hip hop, political, or just around the world and different time periods of people that we call Icons. So now you know why there was so much strategic type support and non support as well. Now you see why there is such a struggle in your mind. It is what it is. Alot of people are playing with your mind right now based on you not knowing the truth.

Don’t get scared. Just get informed. This has been the same with your past black leaders. What you don’t know about the “boule”. Google it. That’s why I laugh at you Greek organizations. They took your history, put greek symbols on it. And taught it back to you gathering all of your personal info and beliefs along the way. And you thought you did it for the life and career connections. ROFL! It’s nothing new. So just follow the white lies til you see the light for yourself. Man hold up, this is a good time for my good friend David Banner to bring in some love music for you bums who say shit like. “I don’t listen to all that conspiracy theory.” This songs for you! And tell your mother I said hi!

This may be the most important post ever. It just is what it is. You public reporters and anchors you are worst than snitches because you sit here and pretend shit is sweet. When the truth comes out. Remember those who tried lead you to the death chamber, even those who act as if they don’t know what you are talking about. Yeah you.

Independence is what the south is all about to me. So all of this information is relevant to Hip Hop and the shit that makes you say “Why did he do that”. Know who you are in buisness with young brothers. That’s why you don’t feel at home with these nagas. Because at the end of the day, he got a knife in your back. Lets do what we got to do. Do the research. Don’t let the bullshit pass down to the next generation. And this is exactly why Pimp C would say Fuck Hip Hop! Country Rap Tunes Hoe!

(to the guy in the back, If Nas can say Hip Hop is dead! Then I can say fuck that b*tch!)

As a matter of fact. F*ck it. Its Mafia Music!

I Love this Game!

And if you are still in denial. Hip Hop Is Alive and Kickin. I give you B.O.B.

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