Just Good Music: Jeezy, Trick Daddy, Wayne, Young Buck, Fiend, Little Brother, Pleasure P


Ok one thing that has never stopped is the good music. Can’t even hear that other sh*t they sayin. I can pull out a boat load of records that you can pretend are ok. But sooner or later you’ll be like mane that one right therrr…

Ok ladies and gentlemen. This next record has won the most valuable got dam they should have made that a single award. Well what do you think?

The American Black Male has a war on his hands. Who knew it would be his own brother. Well he did if he paid attention to the difference between what they say is history and what we know is history. Look at everyone very closely. Who are they following? Ok now who the hell are they? You already knooow straight up. Mane Entertainment has been trying to tell you what point we at. Man everybody look at the fool next to you and say neighbor! Yo ass is crazy.

Ok why not make today a classic day.

Ladies save this one for the lunch break.

Lmao…. ah man. Just Good Music, that’s all we doing down here. Country Rap Tunes….

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