MTV List To Watch B.O.B., Demp Week, Willie D New Controversial Song, CTE signs BAMA

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MTV Names B.O.B. as one of the MC’s to watch in 2009. He’s in great company. Like I said before this year will be one of the biggest years for Hip Hop. Diversity is the word of they year.

Dj Demp recently had Demp Week 2009. And dammit I hear we missed one of the biggest. Demp is sending me pics and such for you to check out soon. Here’s a clip of the Ozone party at Chubbys

When you think Willie D you think Geto Boys. Freedom of speech. Say it like it is. And all that. Well add Huntzville to that list. Uncle Willie has a new group he wants you to check out. Especially everyone thats angry at the world. How does a backpack full of guns sound? Yeah, yeah, ok go check it out here and tell me what you think?

CTE adds to the roster. There’s a new Jeezy video on the way for one of the best songs on the album. Stay tuned.

Now I’m going to put you on early. Some of these kids are taking club dancing to the next level. Which they should. I think I’d rather them be surfin than shankin anyday. They have to have an outlet and it looks like the kid dance scene is not slowing down. Anybody oppose to it. You really need to revaluate your situation. Stop blaming other artist for your lack of vision and confidence in self. Let these kids do them.

Just like this, so I’ma throw it back in the loop. Self Expression

Lil Wayne and Pharell. Hmmm, what you think?

Give me one more day on the Fiend piece. Uploading Compression Legistics is not my friend right now. Anybody out there that considers themselves a compression expert let me know.

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