Jay Electronica, 5th Ward Boyz, Erica Badu, Spank Rock, How do you want it?


As we look towards this new day in life. You have to see the blessing in where we are in history. The music is out there we just have to change how we are getting it. Until then I think the dum ass discussion about Hip Hop being so jacked up right now is entirely in the wrong direction. Nevertheless it’s a Blessing. I think we are finally at a point where “they” won’t be able to stop the arts.

Jay is one reason I say what I say. The dude is one of Louisiana’s greatest known unknowns. Don’t worry his talents will make him a household name by the end of the year. You don’t have to believe me. Just listen.

Here’s a little background on Jay.

Speaking of Badu, don’t you miss her right now.

Spank Rock is another guy who has something different for the game. You have to love how he incorporates the classic Luke in the track. Florida is another state that has mountains of “new to you” type artist that are on there own page.

B.O.O.T.A.Y - Spank Rock and Benny Blanco are: Bangers & Cash

Yes I will be getting back to the mixtape coverage, dj’s, and more. Just had to settle in for the new year so stay tuned, I got ya.

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