Monica Still Standing, Scarface On The Charts, Trae Wit Live Band


Monica, Scarface and Trae. Find out what all this means.

What up. Yeah I missed you too. Lets get right to it. Monica is the Mary J Blige if I may of the south. I know I know I hate to compare but I’m just trying to show the weight she carries. Go in any club and put on a Monica record and the words come flying out of the ladies mouths as if they wrote the music themselves. This record should have gotten the greenlight weeks ago, but I’ll just assume the label is scared to push the button. Anyway check out this performance at Opera in Atl where Monica gives you insight on what the record is all about. And when listening to this record think of all the strong women in your life. YOU do have strong women in your life right? Your grandmother, your mother, you childs mother, etc. you get the point. This is a salute to you beautiful ladies out there who hold us down.

Scarface did it again. The Poet manage to grab the 24th spot on the charts and sell 42,000 copies the first week. Imagine if the networks showed appreciation to rappers like rock and roll artist have and did a few specials on Face. This is a major let down to me because everybody claims to have a music channel. Lets just call them chart channels. Anyway the album is another chapter in the on going legacy of Scarface. They say its the last one. But I see the play, something tells me this won’t be the last of a dying breeds recording days. Imagine the Bet Hip Hop Awards opening up with Scarface and Bilial. But yall don’t hear me though.

Car Shows sometimes are the best place to see your favorite artist. The 97.9 THE BOX Los Magnificos car show went down and houston and Trae was one of the performers to jam with a live band to back him up. I Stay putting Trae up here because it is what it is. Dude is next. And I like the way he’s stayed down to establish his dominance on the underground first.

Hey now since we are in Texas. Lets rewind to an Htown classic. Question? Who are and where are the new Htown like groups comin out of texas. We miss that Texas funk. Who’s got it? Let me know

My sidebar for today is “Screw the auto industry”. Cars cost to much any dam way. This country has made a killing off the backs of the people. Over half the people in this country are trapped by debt and the auto industry sure have contributed there fair share of roadblocks to lock people down into debt with cars that are overpriced. Bail out for what. Kills me the way all this education floating around and they pass this off to the people as if they couldn’t see this coming ten years ago. You got to be kidding. The citizens of this country have yet to be bailed out. This shit is all the great American scam. Example, we gonna bring the solders home but its going to look a lot like New Orleans post Katrina when they do get here. The same military procedures that were used in Iraq, were used in N.O. And now they will be used on you. Be ready because your not going to beleive the sht your eyes will see. And I want to see where all the tough gang members will be then. Will you protect your homies then. Will you ride for your homies then. Nah you going to go right inside the house and try to figure out how did you become so brainwashed that you would kill you brother without a second thought. But when the swat team pulls up you will become confused and try to talk it out. Maybe I’m full of sht, time will tell.

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