Jackie O Wants To Be Your Baby Moma, Plane Jane, Mia X, Nina Brown, Gay Execs Vs Female Rappers?


The female rapper has been told over and over that their music doesn’t sell. Now I have to keep it 100 on this one. I think that’s Bullshit. I know there are countless amounts of stats that back it up. But the one stat that isn’t on the table is perspective. You see I think the perspective of how the industry tries to market female rappers is the wackest sh*t ever.

First let’s go with the typical. Everywoman in her own right is sexy. But does this mean that the only way to market a woman is through sex. And then once they make that move like Lil Kim and push the envelope then what. The minute they request anytype of respect we tear them down more. Lets use Jackie O for example. Now I really don’t care who she screwed and why Jackie O has talent. I know she doesn’t mind being sexy and that’s real cool but at the end of the day when you listen to everything she puts out mainstream it’s sexual. And I’m sure this is not by choice. What makes her not put her deep songs out there. She has other topics to discuss but why does she keep pushing her sex appeal? Here’s her latest. I know I know, some of you who run from the word Baby Moma are pissed. But at the end of the day she is keeping it 100. It’s only natural for a woman to want to get married and have children. So why act like just because she is saying baby moma that shes not touching a real topic about women wanting to take the next step in life, “family”.

So what would seem to be the opposite end of what Jackie O displays is a natural woman. Plane Jane has some words to say.

One more from Jane just to flaut here calmness. I bet your mother couldn’t hold you in on arm and spit a sweet 16.

The perfect combination of respect and sexy. None other than Mia-x. I hear Mia is coming back in 09 just to show how the lady’s can be respected for there wisdom and admired for their sex appeal.

This next vid shows ms. Nina Brown. This is what you are holding back. When you look at her in this laid back home setting ask yourself why can’t u see more of this. What’s the big deal with this industry having tons of education but you still saying women don’t sell. Something aint right. These dudes lying to ya face love.


I have actually made a 360 degree turn on how I will handle most of my industry beliefs. I’ll show you better than I can tell you. But until then please express what you think about this industry Myth.

With all the Black Men that take the credit for being the best and brightest in the American Music scene. You think at least one would have the passion to make it their goal to see a few successful young positive ladies on the charts. And not just one or once, I’m talking change the game. You suppose to be great and you can’t market the very thing that gave you life. That’s sad. But you want me to respect your punk ass.

Could it be that a lot of these Industry cats are really undercover booty brothers. Now if you listen to your black women like I do then you know that gay men treat women like shit. It is what it is. Most of these rich nggas who beat there women and dog them out do it because they are insecure bitches themselves. That shit aint tuff ngga. Yousa Bitch at the end of the day hating on a women. Could this be translating into industry politics, blackballin, etc. And the women who they tend to push are usually lesbians. And I’m not knockin either. Do what you do with your private life. Right now I’m talking about behaivior patterns of these faggots. You got women all around you to prove you aint gay. But you can’t even market one female rapper without here saying the word pussy in her rap. I could go further with this and shake up the whole industry but I rather know what you think?

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