R.I.P. Shake

Shakir Stewart

Hurt is the only word that comes to mind when I heard about Shakir. To everyone that's just a fan of this site and not in the industry Shakir was huge because he was one of us. I speak for any black male you see working in this industry that is not an entertainer and is more on the business end. We all saw our self in Shake. He was a very focused individual.

Ironically when I heard the news I was bumpin that UGK in the player and this song was on.

Today is just a day that I want to salute Shake. Like I said, we all in this industry know what we are up against. The black male in America is about to go through some difficult shit. I'll expand on that later. But Shakir thank you for being a solid cat that we could all be proud of. When you saw this dude working I'm telling you, you could see the years of grind that we have in us all. Shakir, thank you for being you.

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