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New Mixtapes From Lil' Wayne & Rick Ross + New Singles From B.O.B., Lil' Ru & Wes Fif?

Posted on November 11, 2008 3:16 PM

Lil' Wayne - Dedication 3

Mixtapes are still the bloodline of rap music. The DJ killed the radio star, well almost.

Ross and Wayne have been in the headlines for everything but music lately. Anyway Ross has continued to pump out the music. One thing about Ross, he takes the music serious. A lot of people don't realize Ross been doing this for years. Way back when he used to be over at Suave House wit Draper. So the idea of him stopping or somehow falling off right now is funny as hell. And I understand about the C.O. stuff, but really I forgot which cat from the Clipse said it, but he said it best. We have given passes for so much other shit in hip-hop that it won't even matter if dude keep smashing with the music. You know these fans really don't care about the street sh*t. They just want their music. And who can blame them. They fell in love wit Ross for the music first ya know.

Rick Ross - Maybach Music

Now she tight with her mom's. Whaaaaaaat! DJ Obscene and Sam Sneak come thru to hold the Boss down. Listen for yourself, don't pay attention to what I say. Have a seat in the Maybach.

Download mixtape here

DJ Drama and Wayne have connected for there classic "Dedication" series. This series was built on quality. It has the anticipation in the streets equivalent to an album. Here's a cut off the new "Dedication" wit one of the guys in hip hop set to have a huge year for '09 Juelz Santana.

Lil' Wayne is another one where the music means more to the people than the Drama. (yeah I'ma touch on it soon, Part 2 about gangs and hip-hop coming soon) DJ Drama has few more snippets for you right over here... WWW.GANGSTAGRILLZ.COM

On the Road lets swing by Georgia wit B.O.B. I'll be in the sky. Its just a matter of time this kid's gonna surpise ya.

Carolina up next wit Lil' Ru. Nasty Song. Just something for them Midnight Ladies.

And let's scadadal on down to Orlando where West Fif is just tellin ya!

Tommorrow, what's up with Slim Thug, and what's the deal on this huge concert in TX. Say everybody gonna be there, Everybody, Everybody

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B.O.B. appears to be the truth so far. I've known for a lil while now that he's not just one of those one hit wonders, or those guys u hear about. Yeah, he's a writer too... That hook on T.I.'s album is sick "sittin on top of the world". Although i wasn't exactly feeling his first single, i decided not to sleep n the kid. He's got great talent, that's for sure...

Fuck Rick False...Yeah I understand that the "kids" just want their music and can care less. But you know what, for us real niggas who are in the streets and not in the streets will not support this fraud. Grown men hate a fuckin liar, especially when your shit comes to light. I can see if you lied and your shit never came to light, that's a different story. The consumer still has the inclination that you are a real true G. But you tried to lie about it, even when niggas had your pics w/the negative nigga. Then they came out with your W-2's...You can't fake or lie about that shit....As I have said before, lets see how many cats stilll gonna support him on his next album. Will see how many units he pushes then. That will answer whether his career is a "RAP" or not.

Oh..and uhhh... i'm a southern nigga, but I am actaully anticipating Juelz next album. His first Cd was the bizniss. And he killed his verse on The Carter 3..

TWO MORE DAYS!!!!!! (Dedication 3)


Props on the Wes Fif record. This nigga should blow soon and deserves more shine than he's getting!

Wes fif sucks!! nigga named wes fif like (highway west 50) in orlando then he trying to rep Malibu (Hood in the O) but he aint from malibu his grandma stay round WTF?...then the lil ni66a think he Jeezy lol...Clowns

yooooooooooo that Lil Ru 'Nasty Song' been out for a minute but Carolina still appreciates the support.

B.O.B. definitely needs to be on everybody's radar.

Hey realni66a....What Wes Fif ever do to you? You must be one of the former homies.

Don't get mad, get income.

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