Chingo Bling & Haji Urge You To Buy + Scarface, Muddy Waters & Young Jeezy

Chingo Bling

Now if you don't know Chingo Bling, you will soon enough. Chingo is a marketing giant. He also sells boots, tamales, bobblehead dolls, and anything else that can fit the name Chingo Bling on. Well the Bay Area Buddy, Haji Springer, has been building an unstoppable buzz. Let the Party begin!

You see the Internet sure does make it easier to shake the ground. I really don't think we are the same. I want to say we are, but our manners are different. Let's see. When I say Rollin' Stone what do you think of first? OK. Boom. Case in point. This is what was on my mind.

Well that's what explains this...

We're two different people. I understand now. You go ahead and study that. This ones for all those Harry Potter readers out there.

OK 2009 is going to be one hell of a year. You got people out here talking bout they gonna clean up the language of the music and you know that's just being used to profile and take out. Rappers watch what you put on the Internet. All sites. Naga

If ya don't got this one, ya missed a classic. Light the dutch. Ah Mr.Charlie Braxton, DJ Ferno Boudreaux and DJ Dee. Take it away...[Listen here]

Back to some down home blues. What up dooooooooooooe!

Dam album fire. I told ya, y'all blinded ( Pac voice) Who was that singin? Jammin', baby girl you killn'm.

Tommorrow off to the Carolina Sunshine.

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