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Congrats To Obama!!! + Music From James Brown & More

Posted on November 5, 2008 4:03 PM

Barack and Michelle Obama

Well well well we finally made it over yonder. Congratulations! In celebration of the Obamas win, DJ Jerry Curl Jones has a record he wants to play in dedication to the family... and to all the ladies out there.

OK one mo' from brother JCJ

Now on to the first assignment. All the big names in hip-hop helped you get to the White House. Now all the same names should start on our agenda. After scrolling the Internet I saw an interesting clip on Worldstarhiphop with Nore showing his concern for incarcerated Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy.

Noreaga was always down with everyone - South, East, West, North and Midwest. Dude has fans everywhere. To see the sincerity in his face and his voice, you can only be proud of the concern we have for one another as brothers.

Remember while you were you celebrating the election results, there are brothers all over the United States in the prison industrial complex that are still living under the laws that have entrapped us. Let's not put the pressure on Obama. He has a lot of cleaning up to do with how the rest of the world views us. I'll let Nore speak...

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Long live James Brown

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