New Videos From Ace Hood & T.I., Fresh Music From Keri Hillson + Do You Know How To Birdwalk Yet?

Ace Hood

Keeping it light on the hump day. Ace Hood comes through with the "Ride" remix with a mob of cameos. DJ Khaled is playing no games at this point. Looks like the well oiled machine known as Florida just ain't gonna stop. And that's great. Keeps everybody else on there toes. The cash flow is official and certified. From Slip-N-Slide to We the Best Music Group, TJ Chapman, DJ Demp, Trick, Redd Eyezz, Blood Raw, Hatian Fresh, mane hold up. I'll pick back up next week, just let it be known the Gunshine state is ready.

Man time flies. Looks like Soulja Boy and Arab been down since day one. Do you think they ever thought dances like these would take them around the world.

Now fast forward to 2008. This dance is simple but its tricky because I have already seen 3 different people underestimate the leg kick. And when I tell ya there is nothin' funnier than people falling down trying new dances. So yeah its '08. There's a few more people in the crew and my, my, my the house has changed a little.

We all been watching Keri do her thing for a while now. Shes a class act. And I know they have a few strong singles out there right now. But if ya ask me this is the one I put money on. Yeah yeah yeah you mad because Lil' Wayne is on it also but regardless I think it's a smash hit. And I know Gyant said he'd pass on it. But I'm gonna have to disagree with him on this one. But what the hell do I know? (wait a minute motherf*cker),

One man in the business that's sohh focused right now is T.I.P. This single seems to flow perfectly between the bull he's going threw right now. That 3rd verse says it all. With 2 singles killing the charts looks like the Hustle is steadily running towards another platinum plaque. Congrats to Jason, Hannah, Doug, and the gang ( y'all know it's a full house over there).

Stay tuned I'm reloading on DJs and Mixtapes.

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