New Plies Album Already? + New Joints By Pitbull & Lil' Phat + Thowbacks From Trae & Lil' KeKe


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Whassapnin. Yes hold the S for two seconds on that. I'ma stick to the music today. Seems Plies is ready to capitalize on that growing fan base of his. Album #3 is on the way. This is one hell of a move by the good folks over at Slip-N-Slide Records. Ted Lucas, the CEO of the label, recently revealed to MTV that Plies' third solo album is titled Da Realest and will be hitting shelves in December.


"December 16, Plies ain't gonna let you down. Plies is a hard worker. There's no need to hold him back. I heard the album, heard the music and I feel he's ready. You gotta feed the fans. When you got a fan base and you're growing and they like your music, give them what they want. Before, you had albums come out by, like, Michael Jackson -- people be on that album for two years. Now, the way the business is, we have to make sure the fans are happy and continue to grow."

And there it is. Two albums in one year, and the heat is on. And by the way here is the new video to support the move. Mayne handle that, Atlantic, Big Gates, Slip-N-Slide and these Florida boys wreckin'.

Now even though its getting cold in some places. If you ride down Collins at the right time it's still warm. Yes I still see the swimsuits. Yes she does look nice doesn't she. Well wait till you see her dance to this after 4 tequila shots! New Pitbull / Lil' Jon.

Lil' Phat from Trill Ent. drops a mixtape hosted by DJ Khaled today. If you don't remember Phat, check the video below. He was the first one to spit on the underground 3 Deep hit, "Watch my shoes."

Even though 3 Deep has the potential to be one of those classic Southern groups, there is no beef as Lil' Phat is just steppin' out, doin' the solo thing first. "That's My Baby" is the first single he's pushing off the mixtape.

Ok somebody call Travis Barker because when he gets well, he has some new competition.

Ahhh lets swing over to Texas with two Throwbacks. First up Flatline and Trae let you know what time it is.

Then for you KeKe fans lets do a gun check. "25 Lighters" is a classic by far. DJ DMD, RIP Fat Pat and don't forget about that new KeKe album on the way.

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