Ace Hood Drops New Vid, Rich Boy Working On Sophomore Album

Ace Hood


If Trey Songz is not the MVP of hood anthems right now I don't know who is. This time he helps Ace Hood slide his way into the hearts of the ladies with "Ride." This is a perfect joint for Monday or Saturday morning, just easy listening. Congrats to Khaled. Congrats to Flo Rida. New artist are exactly what we need more of. The bigger the variety the more it will become about the music. Now we just need that breakout song from ya broham and we might just have a new Florida Gator. Today will be real light but I'll make it up to you this week. Let's just say I had a rough weekend.

The other day I passed by Zack's Studio in the ATL and I stumbled up on Rich Boy working on his new album. All I can say is watch out. Rich Boy got some big music again. The Alabama giant is one of those rappers that you may have slept on because he's got that thick Southern accent. But when you settle into every word, you realize, sh*t, he's killing 'em. Also Fiend was in the studio working with him. So there's no telling how big that could be.

By the way shout out to Dirty. If you don't remember them then let me refresh your memory. They were one of and may have been the first group from Alabama to go nationwide. Alabama has a growing music scene and It's only a matter of time before the next star emerges from there.

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