Skillz On The Rise, Luda Is Undisputed, T.I. On Paper Trail To Suceess! Clipse Talk Money!


What up people, hope all is well on that side of the screen. We all talk about balance, well here he is. Virginia continues to give us flawless music through one of their best kept secrets Skillz.

Skillz is an artist that found his way into our mind with his yearly rap up. But everyone who's been following him this whole time knew his time was coming. He's getting bigger and bigger. The quality is there. Some might say f*ck that his time is NOW! Skillz tells the man chill broham. It will be alright, calm down, watch this.....

Luda steps out with this new video for Theater Of The Mind "Undisputed". You know what Luda you right! Think about it. Luda is undisputed. I don't have to run it down you remember like I do. I don't think anyone can beat this man just because of one word. Prepared. He and his team are some of the most prepared individuals you will ever meet. Disturbing Tha Peace has been doing just that for a while now. Chaka and Jeff, hats off to you. Hey you guys also check out the Lil Bam Bam in the video. Somebody bout to get they ass whooped in a couple of years.

T.I.P. took over on this song and told T.I. you play cool fool. I do this. Got on his bike and rolled out. Paper Trail is here. Quality music is a standard that T.I. set for himself a long time ago. I remember hearing him speak of when he first came out and only sold 12,000 on one of these songs and that's the hungry T.I.P. that we will always push for. That's the T.I.P. that's your crazy ass cousin who will lose it and get it right back shawty. This dude is a grinder. I love that about dude. You will never stop a nigga like this. Never. Dude been through too much and got a great team around him. Geter, Doug, Clay, Hanna, Alpha, Dro, AK, Mac Boney, Mane hold up, you know how long I'll be here typing. The hustle is Grand and getting Grander. ( that's for all you scholars out there)

We opened up with VA so lets close today with VA. I don't know if you on it but the Clipse last release got some bangers on there. Don't sleep.

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