Young Jeezy Takes A "Vacation," Monique Stands Up For Black Celebrities



Jezzy's Recession is four days away and the pots boiling. Here's the new video for "Vacation," which we all need.

Monique has done a lot of positive things for black women and especially the thick sistas. She comes off over the years as a down home auntie that I think a lot of us identify with. The media is a strange beast, and rarely do we ever get put on blast for the crazy sh*t we do and say about people. The great thing about the Internet is the fact that we can change the media. Nas coming out against Fox was great but now how do we follow up to help his efforts. Hip-Hop is changing the media little by little and hopefully we can take it to the next level. You know, to the point where we can see it affect us in a positive manner everyday.

Here Monique interviews this guy Fred from Media Takeout.

She expresses a point that I think we all can feel. She states that the coverage that Media Takeout gives us is not from a place of love. We know they are an online tabloid, but the bigger question is, where are the sites that keep it positive.  I try and watch myself because there is so much negative on the Internet that I really want no part in it. Real life is enough for me. But that's what people like to see, some say.

How do you feel about it? We all laugh at each other. And then when it's your friend being caught up in some bullsh*t then it's like 'oh damn'. So how will we handle celebrity gossip in the future? The Internet is making way more easier for people to get at each other, so the scene is getting crazier by the minute. Do you think we will be able to govern ourselves? Or do we put too much emphasis on being black and what we need to do?

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