Lil' Wayne Feels The Heat From 40 Glocc, Are Rappers Who Rep Gangs Keeping It Real?



There's a darker side to the Rick Ross C.O. drama and it reared its ugly head recently when 40 Glocc supposedly called Lil' Wayne out in the streets of California. Rappers keeping it real or living a life that's not there own is even more dangerous when they try to rep gangs.

Warning:  We are all being set up for martial law in this country and part of that plan will come from race relations. Another phase they will blame on gangs. When Bushina(Katrina for those fooled by Fox) got loose martial law was in effect. The same Blackwater that's gunning families down in Iraq were gunning your and my family down in New Orleans.

For quite some time gangs have been a big part of American culture. The police department is the biggest gang. What kills me is this generation of gangs haven't decided to take it further. Generation after generation have come and played out the same role. Line for line, word for word. All the way to the grave, the prison yard, or to a life filled with defending some land that's not even theirs. When the state takes it from you and move you out to another part of town, you don't say sh*t. You holla you hard and you a killa and blah blah, but you simply pack up and leave.  But all of a sudden your own flesh walks cross your path and it's T.O.S.  You sound like a well trained bitch to me.

The latest example of courage to defend the creed comes courtesy 40 Glocc (a Crip gang member) running up on Lil' Wayne (an alleged Blood gang member).


What is it? Do you get points for this? Are u harder now? As a matter of fact this is an open invitation to 40 Glocc to an interview where u can let us all know what you were really trying to proving. Because I respect any man as a man first, but after that, Gods the only one I let guide my thoughts. (Email me @ and we can take it from there)

Shit I myself was surprised when Wayne started sporting red. Anybody that knows New Orleans knows that the gang stuff doesn't survive to much in the N.O. Cats on a different page. But it's obvious he's a rapper. No different than Game, Snoop, or any other rappers that claim them letters. They rep that gang, but homie be real about it. THEY ARE RAPPERS! I'm trying to throw it out there and start or should I say continue a discussion. My worst thought has come and it's not good. How many Mac Dres, Tupacs, Biggies, Big Ls, Soulja Slims will it take for us to value each other more.

This will just be the jump off because I see where this shit is going and it ain't pretty. I wish u gang members were strong enough to bring it back to the real meaning on some Panther style movement.


But you all prove to be too weak. You complain about not having this or that, annd instead of just building with each other, you cry to the government for help. Continue to use drugs as an excuse to not stand up for the kids in the community.

You see if we get back to original meaning, then we really would have a gang. But if we do the dum dum, then we kill each other for pride, that's it, false pride. And you really don't even mean it. You just have programmed yourself so much, and talk so much sh*t, that you refuse to accept that you're really weak. This was the original plan for the weak. Banging on each other for colors and land that you don't own so that masta can have that prime real estate you reside on for cheap. Ask my homies what's going on in Watts right now. Ask the same question to the cats in Bowen Homes in Atlanta. Now look at New Orleans again.  Is it a coincidence that the Bloods and Crips colors are the same as the American flag. Man I could type for the next 3 days on this because I love my brothers that much and would hope that someone will read this and start redirecting their focus.


Part of the problem will be stupid ass reporting that will help escalate the problem and I swear once things go left. People will remember your thoughtless instigating post. You never thought once about how delicate these situations are and you choose to take your check and.  Well ask Vibe how they feel about how they reported on the east coast west coast made up slave beef. They were an essential part of the plan. And now you and I, the bloggers, the writers, publicist, DJs, VJs, execs, magazines, interns, lawyers, producers, singers, rappers that can't get their career rollin so they do anything before thinking of their real life and feel as if their real life is hopeless so they follow the rappers script to gaining attention.

And this also goes out to establish and rich rappers. This will be an on going discussion. So I'll cut off here. And if I offended anyone then do something about it that matters. Let's take it to a level where we really win and break new ground. I'm tired of dealing with the same dum ass n*ggaz. And I know deep down inside u are too. Unless you a monkey ass n*gga with a veggie brain. Then of course save us some time and kill yourself. Real gone rise soon. The countdown has begun.

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