Respect My Opinion! Now What's Yours? Stop Saying U Like Pac!


Its a dirty dirty world that we live in. And I don't care how many records you've sold or will sell, your soul ain't safe. Everybody in this rap game that claims to be a thug, gangsta, d-boy, and such. You hear them all the time trying to refer to themselves as "like Pac" . Or in their first interviews coming into the game they talkin bout, you know ( I love it when they say u know 80 times) I represent that real sh*t, that Pac sh*t, or they want you to have the same admiration for them like we have for Pac, or they feel like because they got shot a couple times, all of a sudden they as real as Pac. And I respect their "feelings".

But the truth is none of these rappers except for a few (examples Ice Cube, Scarface, Juvenile, Bun B, Trick Daddy, Goodie Mob, MJG, Immortal Technique, Outkast, KRS1, Chuck D, I'm stoping there only because I'm not going to sit here and type everyone) But the majority of these rappers no matter what coast are scared, uneducated or playing dumb and would'nt dare to say the things Pac would say. They don't stand for what Pac stood for. They don't want to take up the issues Pac would elaborate on. They read Pacs bio, but won't read the books Pac read. They don't educate in their rhymes. They are content with the streets lookin up to them as if they're doing something by making more money.You a clown homie. Or let's not forget the infamous "I came thru the hood for the holidays" what about a regular school day N*gga! The thing that made west coast gansta rap the shit was the fact that they address the system over that funky music without all the corny hipity hipity sh*t. No offense but that shit was corny to any coast that came up on Jazz, Rhythm and Blues not R&B. The West Coast Gangsta shit like NWA came straight at the system. Nowadays the only thing these rappers address is snitches. When truth be told you a snitch if you continue to rap the same shit on 3 or 4 straight albums, droping the same names of your homeboys using different beats and hooks to make it seem like you saying something new. Meanwhile they still in the hood trying to survive the system in these dirty states. You holding the hood back cause u refuse to educate them. And you too Mr."I'm grown, more mature, and have changed clothes" so I just make money now (corporate ponds). You are looked at as sellouts and its so obvious to the streets yet the guards haven't changed in media so you just don't know you wack yet. It's pure comedy. Go Hard or Go Home. But please most of all Stop comparing yourself to Pac. You're no where near his legacy. You'd have to start your whole career over to correct the first few rounds of Bullshit you feed us. And last but not least, where are all these thugs when the Sean Bells or Kathryn Johnstons of the world need help. This also goes for the next million rappers that will swear to you there as real as Pimp C. You know nothing about these Country Rap Tunes. Now Whats Yours?

I'll leave you wit some certified shit to write to. The latest in F*ck the System Negro Spirituals!

Nah normally I don't do this, but keep the party going!

One more for the road, Some sh*t just can't be denied.FLX

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