Reality Rhymes Meets Priceless


So in the past week I had a man who reads the blog speak up and tell me he had something that people should hear. He said to let you be the judge and Im going to do that. It goes along with the theme of reality and are they as real and their rhymes. Were you a gangsta before you got rich or after? Do you rap to educate or are you just a cartoon? Well here's a little video of this cat out of Houston by the name of Priceless speaking a little bit about this and you can tell me if he's nice or not.

follow the break

on a whole different tip if you want to listen to someone that's doing what he's rapping about and not bullshitting. then you need to get ready for some of what im about to drop on you real soon from a man that goes by the name of Bankroll Jones. I've been delayed because of my lack of net access and high speed and being sick and haven't got my videos up online yet, but you're going to hear about the man from UGK records real soon so pay attention!

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