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It's Friday again so it's time to set the weekend off. I know alot of you are still figuring out how to post up a hot event that's going down in your local area but we're going to keep trying til it works. I'll be relaxing but I know some of DFW's K104 will be having a hot little back to school pool party in the metroplex this weekend. Could be worth checking out, even more so if it's adults getting down. Post up your event and let people know where it's going down.

A bit of on the randomness is that UGK stayed in the top 10 on Billboard 200 with a bit over 60,000 more in sales which puts them on pace for gold in 3 weeks and hopefully with some airplay sales will sustain themselves.

I had hoped for a little more for Chingo Bling, he did crack the Billboard 200 but at #123 so get out and support some more southside Houston music, it's actually a pretty good album overall with guests like Fat Pat and Paul Wall.

I talked to Grandaddy Souf the other day on the phone about the Ozone Awards weekend pic of him laid out on the ground and don't believe the rumors because that's not how it really went down. I know lots of gossiping high school girls like to post trash to get people talking, but you hear the facts here.

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