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Spending a lot of money on dinners, movies, and whatever doesn't mean that you're going to get some. It'll be nice to know that it's going down after a nice time out. But after the third or fourth date and you still haven't gotten any, sometimes you wanna ask, "Would you mind some Dick to go with that 'Broccoli and Cheese?' It is just as clean as that steak that you're eating."

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Have you ever wanted that high school cheerleader chic who gives everybody some pussy but you? And then 10 years later you see her again and she done Swole up and now she's a little bit easier to get with? Well, this is a story about one of those situations.

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I was in the studio one day by myself and I grabbed an old Ugene Wilde record I used to listen to called "Diana " The piano at the beginning of the record kinda gave me the topic. It sounded like some sort of sad story. I laid a hook on it and Tony Mac laid the bridge. My other friend, Max laid a humming, spiritual-ike vocal on it and we just listened to it for about eight months or so with just that. By the time we got around to mixing the album, it was still incomplete. Rapalot got in touch with Lil Wayne, who did the fire verse on it. Bun B, who was in the same studio but in a different room also heard the song and blessed me with a verse. I laid an eight bar verse at the end and it was a wrap.

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After gettin married, you realize how much it hurts if someone else does your wife. You have some type of concsience. If an old flame appears and wants to give it up because she's having problems with her husband, thats a bigger problem waiting for you in the end. 14k (a two-man group from Hobbs, New Mexico) helped me out on the story telling, Oonoe Blast did the talk-box and Bass Heavy laid down the bass and it came about well.

Listen to "Somebody Else's Wife"

--Devin the Dude

The album's in stores today! Cop that and check back tomorrow when Devin schools you on how to smoke for free.

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