Best of '06: My Top 10 Albums


Alright we are gonna talk about the top 10 best albums of 2006. I wanna know what ya'lls top ten albums were, and I'm gonna hit you with mine. We need some discussion in here though otherwise this blog will be a waste of time. Everyday I hear/read some new top 10 hip-hop albums of '06...and they are always different. I want to hear what Houston has to say in regards to what the top 10 albums of 2006 are. There were a lot of good albums and I could've argued for some that I left off to be on here...but after much decision making this is what I came up with.

Alright here we go this is my Top 10 personal favorite albums of '06:

1. The Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury: This is probably, lyrically, the best CD I have ever heard. Every song is cool as shit and if you haven't bought this CD you need to. This albums sales didn't get close to showing how good this album is. Clipse rained on everyone, everywhere with this one. Pharell's beats paired up with the Clipse's flow is a hell of a combination.

2. Z-Ro - I'm Still Livin: Alright I really don't have to explain that one...flew under the radar like crazy...extremely underrated artist..blah blah blah Z-Ro is the man.

3. Nas - Hip Hop is Dead: I know alot of ya'll probably haven't listened to this one because Nas doesn't get as much credit as he should in the South, but man Nas came up huge with this album. The whole thing is fire from start to finish. I give Nas the number 3 spot because he deserves it.

4. The Game - Doctor's Advocate: The Game's sales weren't as hot with his sophomore LP, but the album was great. Some might say it wasn't as good as The Documentary, and I can't say I disagree. However, Doctor's Advocate was huge because it showed game could drop without 50 and Dre, and make an extremely entertaining album.

5. Trae - Restless: Trae's album this year was fucking rediculously unnoticed. I love it from start to finish. He didn't get the chance to shine nationwide like he should've because Rap-A-Lot is weird, and BET didn't play the man's videos like they should've been, but damn I love this CD.

6. Jay-Z - Kingdom Come- I'm gonna be honest it wasn't everything I thought it would be but it was still sick.

7. Ludacris - Release Therapy: Again, not everything I thought it would be, but still sick.

8. Rick Ross - Port of Miami: Not a whole lot of skill on this one haha. Just really tight beats and a cool fuckin dude. Fun ass hell.

9. Young Jeezy - The Inspiration: People are gonna hate on my putting this on here, but Jeezy is doing his thing. Yeah, it was repetitive. Yeah, it was covered in "AYYYYY" and "CHEA" and "HAHAAAA" but I don't give a fuck. It was Jeezy and I love it (no pun intended).

10. Snoop Dogg- - Tha Blue Carpet Treatment: What can I say about this one? It was classic Snoop and anybody who wants to hate on that is a fuckin hate master.

Alright hit me with your top 10 lists and discuss what you think about what I put as mine.


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