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Aight, whats poppin Houston? Its ya boy C-Lo droppin in to help you people pass the time and maybe put you up on some acts out of the H, you might know about or you might not know about. The music scene in Houston is really poppin off right now, contary to the belief of some of you haters. Now, check it out, It might not all be quality, but im gonna throw out some names of some of the new cats you might wanna check out, that I think have the potential to catch the baton in this H-Town marathon and rep it right.

Durtee 3

Record Label - Def Jam

The name says it all. Anybody thats from Texas, specifically Houston, knows we've been throwin up the Tres for a long time.This dude just signed to Def Jam not too long ago. He was featured on a mixtape with DJ Skee entitled, "Who Has The Last Laugh Now" earlier in the year. He had two songs on the DJ Skee joint. One with Bun B called "Go Hard" and one solo joint called "Shake Haters Off". His new solo mixtape Texicaliyork is in stores right now. Its mixed by DJ E Rock from the Bay. Cop that if you tryin to get up on some new talent.

Next up is....Short Dawg

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Record Label - Russell Simmons Music Group

Now I know a lot of you have probably heard about this young dude here. He was featured on the Houston Mic pass along with some H-Town vets, and I have to say, he actually held his own and almost stole the show. Last mixtape I heard about from this dude was called Southern Flame Spitters Vol. 1 that dropped in '05, even though i might be wrong. He's had numerous apperances on other mixtapes, and even had a guest spot on the "Patron" (remix), one of the few songs I actually like by Young Joc. If you havent heard it Screwed and Chopped, do what you got to do to get that. Debut album from Short Dawg is titled Grinding From The Bottom, realease date, to be announced. Check out Yahoo music's Houston Mic Pass just to get a taste of him and what im talkin about.


Also, for the die hard Cham fans, I heard a rumor that Mixtape Messiah 2 might be out Mid-November..... almost anyone in Texas will let you know the 1st one was a classic and most of us are fiendin for PT. 2. Even though this might be a rumor, you still should cop that when it does come out, especially for those of you who doubt Cham's skills on the mic. Even though I would think that the MTV2 Sucker Free Freestyle would have caused you to "Get Ya Mind Correct".

Question of the day.....Will H-town ever get the respect it deserves? Peep my list of H-town favs from the new school in no particular order.

1. Slim Thug- Slept on tremendously, but i think hes gonna hush a lot of critics wit the new album.

2. Chamillionaire- Starting to get his just dues, but still slept on. Put him next to your favorite rapper, word for word, rhyme for rhyme and you will see what i mean. He can go with anybody out right now, ill put money on it. You better ask around.

3. Z-Ro - Slept on to the point of where sometimes you just have to ask WTF?!?!

4. Trae - Same as Z-Ro

5. I know some of you are definately not gonna agree wit me on this.....Mike Jones. Dude is still a beast on the Mic. Even if you don't like the mainstream Mike, if you're from Texas, you know at one point or another you were bumpin "Ballin Underground" and "1st Round Draft Picks" with Magno. Both are classics in my eyes. He really showcased his skills on "Ballin Underground". Some of his freestyles were amazing. They were freestyles, meaning not written. Example: "Im A Soldier" freestyle. "Back Then" and "Flossin" are mediocre compared to what I have heard from Mike, back in the day. Dont take my word for it.....go find it!!!
mike jones - balln underground.jpg

Now let it Marinate.....

Thanks C-Lo!
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