21 Questions about Houston Hip-Hop ... ANSWERED


1) Where in the holy Hesus is Aztek Escobar? ( You Roc-fanatics believe
me now?)

Who knows? could be getting shit together making sure it's right before it comes out, just cuz you don't hear from somebody doesn't always mean they fell off.

2) Do folks really feel comfortable with diamond encrusted grills in
their mouths?

Hell yeah, it's a southern thing and we rep that shit with pride

3) How come Lil' Troy's "Wanna Be a Baller" gets slept on a lot?
Because at the time Houston wasn't getting that much exposure but you can't deny it's a certified classic

4) Would you still support South Park Mexican, knowing that he's in jail for molesting a 9-year old girl?
Every man has his own personal battles that he has to deal with and it's unfortunate that S.P.M. got caught up in it cuz he was about to blow on a national level. A lot of people have forgotten about him but true fans know he had the streets on lock. Free S.P.M.!

5) Will ESG, K-Rino, and Trae ever blow up?
Personally I think they don't have to blow up. They're living legends in Houston anyways and they've haven't sold out which gets them more respect from they're fanbase.

6) Who really gained big time from "Big Pimpin'"? Jay-Z or UGK?
It was good for both...It showed that some east coast niggas knew what was up down south and it took UGK to another level.

7) How come everyone talks bad about Mike Jones' rap hustle(?) yet the
same people bought his platinum-certified debut?

Because dude ain't versatile on the mic but through all the press he got enough people's attention to go buy his album. This next album is really gonna prove what he's capable of.

8) How come Chamillionaire hasn't been able to drop a successful single
without a guest feature?

He had to do it to get his foot in the door, and now that he's in he won't have to. He's one of the best lyricist's in the south and it's his time to shine

9) Is Paul Wall a sellout for doing a song with Brooke Hogan?
Some might say that but I think he was just trying to diversify his career and then there's always the money factor. If there's money to be made you gonna go after it right?

10) Scarface's The Fix was the last exceptional southern rap album.
Would you agree?

Fuck no, that's just some bullshit that Rizoh said. You can't forget about Slim's, Z-Ro's, or Trae's album. They all go hard.

11) Is Z-Ro possibly the best Houston rapper of his era?
Yeah I'd have to say it's pretty close between him and Slim. It's a damn shame that he hasn't gotten enough exposure cuz he's been putting it down for a minute.

12) How come Swishahouse is perceived as the Roc-A-Fella of the south even though they only have one decent artist on the roster?
That's a bullshit question to begin with. How the fuck do you compare an indie label that's risen through the ranks to a motherfuckin commercial east coast label? And then have the audacity to say that they only have one decent artist, get the fuck outta here! Keke is a legend no doubt about it, Paul say what you want about is a bonafide hustler who's made a name for himself. Archie Lee and Cootabang have potential and they hungry right now. If they only had one good artist then why in the fuck do they still keep blowing up even after Slim, Chamillionaire, and Mike Jones left?

13) Is Atlanta still the headquarters of the south or does that title
belong to Houston now?

Never was, I don't know where in the hell you got that from. You watch too much TV lil homie. Houston is the capital of the south and it's gonna be that way for a while.

14) How come marketing/promotion of dirty south artists are so

That's the way it is with most artist who aren't on major labels. You have to appeal to people where you come from first. Everybody's got they own sound that they like hearing

15) Do you think Rasaq will sell on the strength of being
Chamillionaire's brother alone?

Probably not, he's a good backdoor man but I don't think he can make it on his own.

16) Why the f*ck did Magno choose to sign with DJ Clue's Desert Storm

Why not? Everybody's going one way do something different and change the hustle up. He might get more recognition that way.

17) Whatever happened to that HIV/AIDS-infested Houston rapper?
Ya'll still got that fucking rumor going on? The truth is, it was somebody in the entourage that had AIDS, not the fucking rapper.

lil flip.jpg
18) Did Paul Wall really tattoo Lil Flip on himself after Flip got shot?
Ask him that instead of believing all the bullshit people tell you. Lil Flip is known to start shit just to get attention but back in the day he was cool with all them from Swishahouse.

19) Who'll be the next to carry H-Town on his back?
Trae is definetely fucking it up right now and he's taking Houston back to that gangsta shit none of that bubble gum shit these other rappers are putting out.

20) Whatever happened to that 2Pac/Scarface album?
Probably got put on hold along with the other shit rap-a-lot never brings out.

lil keke.jpg
21) Would you rather hear a new album from Paul Wall or from this guy?
Man Lil Keke any day. He's earned his stripes and paid his dues, already.

That's the answer.

Thanks CTR3!
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