Is Rap Really Destroying Our People?


Another day, another senseless killing.

As you've probably heard by now, two aspiring Texas rappers engaged in a vicious rap battle that left a 17-year old high school junior dead. How does a rap battle escalate to the point where you rap and then point a gun at your rival? What the f*ck is wrong with Smack DVD-watching wannabe gangstas these days? I also heard this incogitable rumor that some chapters of the KKK are disbanding because rap-stemmed black-on-black violence is already doing their job in much better ways than they could've imagined.

And you know what?

It just might be.

Witnesses told police the two teens met late September 15th for a battle in an open field in Haltom City, a suburb north of Fort Worth.

"They knew each other, and they had an ongoing rap battle," Sgt. Terry Stayer, a spokeswoman for Haltom City police told The Chronicle. "They were involved in these impromptu raps that took place in parking lots, at someone's house. They had ongoing back-and-forth issues, and they didn't like each other."

According to the affidavit, Smith rapped first, and then Jones rapped and pointed a handgun at Smith.

Jones then handed his gun to a bystander and Smith and Jones had a fist fight. When the fight ended, Smith was collecting his personal belongings when Jones shot him in the head, witnesses said.

That last part doesn't add up, but that's irrelevant to me right now. What's incredibly mind-boggling is that, according to the article, the victim had filed a police report accusing his nemesis of threatening his life. Police didn't have enough evidence, so they did nothing.


Not making excuses for the assailant's callousness here, but if someone made a threat on another person's life, isn't it the responsibility of law enforcement to "serve and protect" their citizens?

That lets you know one thing, folks: we're on our own.

The other day, on TV, I saw a black man jump off a bridge and drown to death, while police watched apathetically. Cops and firemen had arrived at the scene no less than 10 minutes before dude took a leap, and the only person that took a dive and attempted to save his life was some young, white dude.

I say that to say this: if we go out there endangering our own lives in one way or another, the world will only stand and watch from the sidelines. It's not unlike the relationship between rap and corporate machines.

More essentially, no matter how blossoming the Texas hip-hop scene may look right now, not everyone is destined to be a rapper. Pointblankperiod. It's that myopic mentality that's destroying the black race, and wiping off our youths faster than AIDS in Africa. There are a million and one other ways to make it in life.

Now, before you rush to dismiss violence as an everyday thing, consider this: the mainstream media will jump at any opportunity to overrepresent the connection between hip-hop and black-on-black violence. Worse still, the overrepresentation of African-American men in the prison system and in the graveyard renders a staggering number of black males unavailable as fathers and community leaders.

Blame everything on white supremacists if you like, the truth still remains that we're dying by our own hands.

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