"Ring the Alarm" Video & Other Random H-Town Happenings


Just when I thought we would never hear about Beyonce's "Ring the Alarm" again, they go and make a music video for it. Thankfully, the video is fun to watch.

I still prefer "Deja Vu" to this screamfest, but "RTA" really portrays Beyonce in a different light -- buckwild as f**k!

Now, I've heard so many people say that "Ring the Alarm" was inspired by rumors that Jay-Z was banging Rihanna while Bey wasn't looking. So, that explains all the paranoia. Still, everytime that siren comes on, I expect to hear something like "Yo, it's a DJ Kay Slay exclusive" halfway into the song. Kinda scary.

Chingo Bling Signs to Asylum


How come no one told me Chingo Bling (the guy who throws an onions at his rims to make pico de gallo) had FINALLY signed a distribution deal with Asylum for his Big Chile Enterprises imprint. I guess people think I'm only interested in talking about Houston emcees. That's right, Chingo's not an emcee. He's a brilliant entertainer/hustlemaniac. I had an opportunity to interview Chingo back back in January or so, and he came across as a very intelligent, hardworking business man. When we spoke, dude was even in the middle of starting his own line of tortillas. Now that's a true hustler. He literally had so many offers on the table including big, enticing offers from Bad Boy and Def Jam. But, he passed on many of them, because he didn't want to get screwed over like you-know-who and you-know-who. Look for Chingo Bling's major debut, Welcome to the Border, by year end.

Chamillionaire at Soundscape

I talked about this "Second Life" stuff when it first came out. But, thanks to a post on Prohiphop.com which reminded me to check it out again. I haven't had time to register, but if you're so inclined, hit up the site and see what they talmn'bout.

Chamillionaire at SoundScape

Mike Jones is for the Kids


Hate him or love him, Mike Jones has been doing something positive for the youth lately. Just like Big Tuck, Mike luh the kids. So, he decided to give a few lucky lads $1000 each for some back-to-school shopping. Now that's a trill nigga for you. I said...

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