Girlfight: Beyonce vs LeToya



You can't say LeToya Luckett without also mentioning Beyoncé these days. Apparently, some LeToya faithfuls suggested that Beyoncé felt so threatened by homegirl's extremely-hyped debut that she decided to put her new album, B'Day, on pre-sale. As expected, Beyoncé and her mana-dad (that's manager/dad for the slow) Mathew Knowles have now responded to those rumors with all the usual press release phrases:

According to Rap News Network, Beyoncé had this to say:

"I have enormous respect and admiration for LeToya as an artist and a business woman and I wish her incredible success with her debut CD and her career...

"We are pleased that LeToya has chosen to include our House of Dereon designs in her Lady Elle Boutique in Houston and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future...

"It makes me sad that that people are trying to stir up a controversy where there is none. LeToya makes fantastic music and it would be great if her fans, as well as the press, could simply enjoy it on its own merits and not engage in negative speculation."

Mathew chipped in as well:

"I'm shocked and amazed that this is even an issue. IIt's standard practice in the music industry for upcoming albums to go on pre-sale well in advance of an in-store date...

"From the time Beyoncé began working on her new album, B'Day,we wanted to release it in early September to coincide with her 25th birthday on September 4. Our pre-sale strategy is a logical and sensible lead-in to that target date and has nothing to do with the scheduled releases of any other albums by any other artists."

Nice defensive volley, guys. But, how can anyone from the Knowles camp possibly view Toya's debut as a threat to Beyoncé when "Mrs Carter" is practically running the game right now? I haven't peeped the LeToya CD (I'm cheap like that) but I've heard lots of good stuff from those who checked it out. I also met this lady once, and she seems personable and down-to-earth. Real southern girl appeal. No diva-ish attitude like you-know-who. So, she definitely deserves all the props she's getting. More importantly, why the media won't let these two do their thing individually without lumping them into some sort of beef or controversy is anyone's guess.


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