Young Joc jumped on the the scene with the smash “It’s going down”. Being able to come out under Block Ent. and Bad Boy South Joc was able to learn from some of the best and has taken his time and groomed himself into a solid buisnessman. Let me introduce Twelv also from Dallas. She sat down real quick wit Joc to find out whats new with the young mogul.

Seems like its going to go down this year. I’m suprised at your comments about Young Jezzy. I’ll be straight up with that one. I think Jezzy would do quite well on the O’reily factor. We all thought at one point in time that Bill Oreily was really looking out for Americans and yada yada Fair and Balance, that’s my final word. Bullshit.

Thank God for the internet. You yourself should reserch Mr. Bill and see who he really is. Look at how he really gets treated in the Media. Even though if you watch Fox and you think everyone respects him. Look at how childish he really is. Practically beggin for an interview from Obama.

And I just feel as a lot of you feel but we don’t say much. Young would represent us well. The game is about 200% behind on what’s what when it comes to you underestimating the inteligence of our musicians, artist, and composers of this centry from the ground up. Obama is not the only image of the Black man America will have to get use to. Bun B will be on ESPN!, watch. The Evolution is in your face. It just takes time, because of things like yesterdays post. These kids in these hoods who look up to the likes of Young Jezzy look for more out of life because of the way he expresses the journey. They know they can’t all sell drugs. Your kids are not stupid. They are reacting to the military like training you attempt to install. You hide the truth so much. You get so lost in the bullshit sometimes. A blessing in disguise. What might all this war in the world be described as other than a crazy world.

Yeah it was a Plot and a well excecuted Plan. Reminds me of 9/11. When we say Cracka down souf….. When Plies say Cracka in the song 100 years. Its Bill O’reilly we talking about. It doesn’t mean all white people. Just O “Misleading” Reilly lookin boy! By the way O Reilly know better than to put his hand in Jezzy or Jay Z’s face. I have faith both will punch him in his face shoud such attemp to shout in anybody’s face like that during a News interview. Now just in case you don’t know how it goes. That good old boy system bout to kick in the best way ever. The new south has had many a many leaders and will always continue to do so. If you don’t want to deal with Young Jezzy. Then you diffenitly ain’t ready for Willie D!

Found a video of your cousin and nem at the parrrk.

Good day to you. Chamillionare has a new mixtape out that is starting to pop up all over. Chamillionare has a standard of creativity that never stops. Check out this cut from the mixtape where he addresses the comedy of internet characters.

Well well well. We finally did it. Or did we. I guess it all depends on which Uncle you ask? First lets jump into it like this. When people say shit like “Illegal Aliens”, they speak of what they don’t know. They’re ignorant to the news channel they watch. Or when they say ” Them mexicans need to go back home”, have they once thought about the fact that them same mexicans built Texas. Or the fact that technically America is home considering the fact this is stolen land.

Trae the truth and Rob G have crafted a classic. BET, Yes I’m calling you out, Should do a special on this. Or will you sit there and continue to call Micheal Jordans new shoe strings News. You know dam well there is a plot to put us against each other. Media can prevent this, but do you? Lets just watch how they handle this years racial festivities.

Why you mad? I don’t get it. If you look at the latest street grind the “trap” rapper is doin it. Oj the Juiceman, Project Pat, Papa Duck, etc. People get upset at these dudes and I think it’s ridiculous. You worship other rappers who are talkin about the same shit in a slicker way. Check the lyrics! They just have on more fashionable “to you” clothes, say 1 or 2 possitive things and you all of a sudden act like all rappers should be like them. Get off Europes D*ck !!

Hot Boy Reunion Getting Closer

Lil' Wayne recently brought out B.G., Juve, and Baby on the "I Am Music" tour. Nah, when Turk gets home, it's on. But the sight of Baby, B.G., and Juve on the same stage together is a beautiful sight. I know a lot of you don't really realize how much that means to a lot of people. But luckily this is just the beginning so you will find out soon enough. To be quite frank the entire industry has open sores like this that need to heal. We can touch on it later. 2009 big year ahead!

Who will be the next Dj to take the game to the next level? I’m sayin who is that one? Lets say this young lady or man will have quick hands and can scratch. Lets say they have exclusive music. Lets say they never play the same set over and over. Lets say they know at least 4 new artist that we haven’t heard that are jammin. I don’t know who it is but I do have some ideas. Who do you think is next? Let me know so we can put them on Blast. Until then here is your competition fresh on your heels.

Ah yes the dance craze continues across the nation. We are in the middle of a lot of different wars. Cultural wars. Wars in the hood where brothers don’t understand they have been set up to feel the way they feel so that they may take it out on each other. Sad…. Dancing just gives these kids ways of expressing themselves. Helps relieve a lot of the neighborhood stress. Like just imagine the west coast without the arts. Imagine the bay without Krumpin. Memphis without buckin. New Orleans without bounce. Miami without bass. Just imagine no dancing. Pretty dam boring. Well Lil Duval has stepped up to the plate to make sure we don’t forget the foundation of this dancing.

As we look towards this new day in life. You have to see the blessing in where we are in history. The music is out there we just have to change how we are getting it. Until then I think the dum ass discussion about Hip Hop being so jacked up right now is entirely in the wrong direction. Nevertheless it’s a Blessing. I think we are finally at a point where “they” won’t be able to stop the arts.

Ok one thing that has never stopped is the good music. Can’t even hear that other sh*t they sayin. I can pull out a boat load of records that you can pretend are ok. But sooner or later you’ll be like mane that one right therrr…

MTV Names B.O.B. as one of the MC’s to watch in 2009. He’s in great company. Like I said before this year will be one of the biggest years for Hip Hop. Diversity is the word of they year.

The Underground is now rising to the top. Thanks to online platforms such as and all the others. Underground events and artist are slamming the Internet. Frustrating the living shit out of establish artist and music related industries. And the greatest part is watching the mainstays act like the new comers don’t some how belong, when actually it’s the quite opposite if such a stance is taken.

Power Fist
This should be national news but it's being swept under the rug as much and as fast as possible. Is it because we are about to have a black president.