Stranger At My Door



Continued from Hide & Seek - 'He Was Nowhere To be Found'

I couldn’t get Preston out of my head that night. I tossed and turned. Reliving every moment we shared in the club. The next day, no, the next night, couldn’t get here fast enough. Hurry, hurry, hurry. I needed to see him.

Sure enough the next night. He was there. This time he spotted me and quickly came over. He introduced himself again. ‘Preston’ he said. I smiled from ear to ear.
Preston’s large thick hands cupped mine. His touch was energetic. I felt a shock in my groin.

“How long are you in town?” Preston asked. His deep melodic voice resonated through every fiber of my body.
“How do you know I am not from here?” I looked up at him and smiled.
“I know everybody here,” he laughed. “Where are you staying?”
I tell Preston the hotel.
“This is my number,” he proceeded. “You should call me.”
I punched the digits into my cell. I pushed the send button and his phone vibrated. Preston let out a hearty laugh. “I’ll see you later.” Off he went. He dipped into the crowd and people reached out to him shaking his hand. He hugged women, kissed them on the cheek, and plopped back into the VIP section with his boys.

What did he mean by later? I wasn’t sure. I wanted to go over to the VIP section and chill with Preston and his boys. But I knew I had to play it cool. He was a man on the down low. Neither of us could let on that we were feeling each other. I know when he stood next to me I immediately gained an erection.

Once again the club emptied and I didn’t see where Preston headed. I peered through the crowds of people searching out his tall muscular body. I looked for his sexy smile and piercing eyes. I wanted to at least say goodnight to him. Hopefully touch him and say something flirty.

He was nowhere to be found, again. Although I was pissed, I did have his number. I planned to call him in the morning. Maybe invite him over to the hotel and we grab lunch, or go to the beach.

Not more than twenty minutes after I arrived at my hotel room there was a knock at my door. I figured it was my boy Clever. We always stay up late when we are out of town. Put it this way â€" we like to ride around the city, check out the sights, and, uhm…oh hell, okay, okay, we look for trouble. Damn, you happy now.

Anyway, I opened the door and there he was. Tall, broad, strong, sexy, and smiling at me. Preston strolled into my suite as if it was his own. I was in shock. My mouth dropped open, and so did every molecule and cell in my body.

I quickly closed the door. Preston didn’t say a word. Nothing. His muscular body glided into the bedroom. I followed. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed an amazing physique. I followed suit, and, like that, me and Preston went at each other like two lovers in heat. We wanted each other badly. We explored each other’s bodies as we peeled off our clothes and strewn them throughout the room.

My gosh, Preston was ferocious in bed. His soft lips met mine. We kissed tenderly, and then passionately. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. We groped each other finding different and wonderful places to touch. His long hard muscle was massive. He felt wonderful in my hands.

That night Preston and I didn’t stop making love until the next day. I didn’t want to let him go. His body was perfect. We fit. Oh boy, oh boy, did we fit.

The next morning he pulled himself away from me and slid out of the bed. “I need to go,” he said as I watched his rippling muscular body hide inside his clothes. He leaned in and kissed me. “What time do you want me to come back?”

Check back tomorrow when the phone won't stop ringing and questions get asked.

Terrance Dean is the Author of “Hiding In Hip Hop â€" On The Down Low in the Entertainment Industry from Music to Hollywood”


On the real, I cant read that Dean, soft gay porn is not my cup of tea, but as a member of the Fisk fam, you got my support. Good luck with the book, hope you donate to the Fisk fund, currently at 2.5 of our 4 million dollar goal. Visit, check out the virtual yard.

This is nasty.

I can't believe SOHH is condoning "boo-boo chasin".

You know this is just digusting. When I was younger there were not this many gay guyz now all the sudden ..... I mean it is just bulishit

LOVE it. Seems honest and oh so real. Keep doing you- you HAVE an audience for your work!! Looking forward to reading more.

Its art. Not to mention most of you are closet starfish bunda lovers yourselves. Thats most folks problem, to concerned with others and their personal choices of expression. Im sure your white tee that almost touches the ground and pants hanging at your knee dont make you look suspect and easy to "get into". Clowns unite.

Where is the "real" story??? It's bubble gum gay writing. I have read this before. This is not interesting writing at all. Please come stronger and more artistic

Gyant, is that you, homey?!

Tell me it ain't so, my nigga...

--OG Matt Herbz--

Terrance Dean is a very flamboyant person so to have people think you are or have ever been DL is absolutely ridiculous. People can see your hips swaying and limb wrists a mile away. And the writing?! Jesus Christ the shit is horrible. My eighth grade niece could write better dialogue than this crap. It reads like a 7th grade essay.
Complete Trash!

Why oh why did they let this guy on here... They say you have to know somebody to get on, well i'm sure in "in" was Gyant... This shit is the same reason i didn't finish this damn E. Lynn Harris book someone suggested to me. I almost slapped fire out they ass for giving me that shit...

Hey man i'm loin this so far can't wait to read more. This almost reminds me of one of my favorite books "B-Boy Blues" by James Earl Hardy. There are mos def gonna be lot of haters but I mean if u continuously are readin this then u must be intrigued! There are alot of brothas on the DL, I can speak from experience with some. The sex is incredible but that's all it can be o course!

this dude Terrance Dean is a dirty faggot, helping spread the monster to our sisters and babies. Gay is GROSS nga period!

Im sorry, Im confused! like i can understand that people have different sexual desires and shit, but what i dont understand is why do you guys do the shit on the down low and risk infecting other people with shit? (not to say you carry disease). We live in a day where people want honesty from the government, and everybody is crying conspiracy, but you should look at yourselves and say the same. like i said, im not knocking your preference, but stick up for humanity and stop this bullshit. your not a real man if you dont do what you want to do, u feel me? fuck that shadow shit yall do.

gays is messy, they like to keep shit stirred up but it was a good read even though its soft gay porn

finally some gay related stuff, i love it, give me more, give me more gay stories

Gyant, Are there really going to be names given in this guys book?

I'm still wondering why the hell SOHH picked this blog up....but my real comment is your gay, ok, to each his own. But WHY do you have to be so lose with it? Picking up some good looking guy at the club and having sex the next night? Not safe sex practice, honey. Even if you use a condom, shit happens. Weren't you worried about catching something like..oh I dont know......... AIDS???

All of the people who can't believe that SOHH is allowing for this man to post his experiences have a lot to come to grips with. They are choosing not to discriminate. Again he is explaining what it is like to be a downlow man. Something that all women need to take into consideration. You will be shocked as to how many so called straight men really are not straight. Think about how many women have fallen victim to AIDS because they believed some man who was creeping with another man. So many people put their business out there about their conquests, both men and women. Now people want to beef about the content. You really need to take a hard look at yourself. Being gay or bi has been around for ages. To try to shun it only means that there will be a negative end. Educate yourself before you being to post or even speak for that matter. People have a lot to say on the site, but the true test comes when you can say it face to face. Let this man speak his peace and inform us all of what is really out there. The things that we choose to turn a blind eye to or don't want to believe exist. For those who do not understand my words and want to comment back on some negative nonsense, again that is your choice. Just educate yourself. The same way that you discriminate is the same way that someone will discriminate against you.

@ justreal

First educate yourself before you write a post, because there are more than a few typos in that paragraph.... I stated I dont understand why SOHH decided to do this blog, but never have I descriminated against the man posting it because of his sexuality. In the last post I stated I had friends that slept with men on the down-low and trust me there are signs, some women just choose to ignore them. So maybe you need some help on your gaydar but mine is working just fine, I knew my friends men were gay all along but they didn't want to believe it. I dont care if someone is gay, straight, or bi-sexual. However being down-low is neither one of those. When your with a woman you are denying your gay and when your with a man your denying your straight. So you are making no actual claim to your sexual orientation whatever it may be...Your right homosexuality has been around for a long time, and never has it been more accepted than now. If your on the down-low, MAN-UP and come out the closet before you destroy the life of the woman in your life.

Thats whats up Always A Lady, DL dudes burn straight women, then straight women burn straight men. Im not saying it does not happen in all sexualitys, but like Always stated some of y'all gays, are kinda loose (||) with it, soo in the words of the late great Pimp C, "Stop poisoning the pussy population!" PLEASE! Im asking for clinic cards on these ladies now like "when was your last HIV test? " lol. I bullshit you not!

Terrance, will you have actually names in your book like Karrine?

im with alwaysalady. you right girl. that paragraph was so jacked its crazy.=)but on the real be honest with your self and the one your sleeping with. i think being in the closet/dl is a punk move. if you that way just say so!!!


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i dont get this shit.. this stupid ass dl shit is gettin crazy.. straight people get aids too.. its not just gay shit.. BLACK folks r so fuckin stupid sumtimes.. lmao.. strap up homo or no homo... b safe.i no a dl nigga he acts like a straight dude. he doesnt even fuck wit the shorties.. not all fuck wit both.. its called the CLOSET..

On the real it aint just gay nyggas poisoning the pu$$y supply. We got nyggas that fuck feins raw and bring it back to they women. Use condoms wit some lube inside.
Get handjobs instead of beating some of these hoes raw.
be safe.

R u F'in Kidding me SOHH? Im a gay male, and I can't even read this shit. In exchange for some advertising dollars u all are continuing to perpetuate GROSS stereotypes about our black men in the gay diaspora. This is sick! If ur gna be gay then BE GAY! dont sleep w/ women too to validate some DL agenda. And u guys letting this Dean dude post on promiscuity is JUST WRONG. Im in 1 relationship with 1 Man. Thanx alot SOHH 4 adding to the ignorance!!!!!!!

....but my real comment is your gay, ok, to each his own. But WHY do you have to be so lose with it? Picking up some good looking guy at the club and having sex the next night? Not safe sex practice, honey. Even if you use a condom, shit happens. Weren't you worried about catching something like..oh I dont know......... AIDS???

There are a lot of women that give us a bad name, by doing the same exact thing. Going out to the club with their girls, meeting dudes and then having sex with them on the 1st night..We can't honestly say that they are using condoms...They are drunk. What I am tryng to say is gay, straight or dl the VIRUS is out there. Clearly this guy is openly gay and is basically informing us of the DL brothers out there.

Lets be clear. I was not speaking to you. I actually agree with you. I was speaking to those who are choosing to be ignorant in their posts. I know of a number of women who got caught up with a DL dude. And their entire life was turned upside down.

Wow in reading these comments, I can see why the black community will NEVER come togather as a strong community. This brother is telling HIS story, not the story of every black gay man in america. SOHH, chose to feature a section of the book, that shows very little of what this book is really about. Whether some of you choose to believe it or not, this is today's reality. The black women reading this book, may actually learn something about black men and the issues a lot of them face, that could help descrease their chances of contracting the HIV/AIDS. So to my people, I urge you to please support each other, rather than helping the white man bring our race down.

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