Malachi & Young Chill Drops "From The Hood", Jus Nice Has Lots of Fans + Taraji P. Henson Will Party At Uptown!


Shout out to Rovella Williams for sending me over this new record from an artist she's working with who goes by the name Malachi. Personally, I'm feeling it a little bit. The hook interests me more then Malachi's verses. However, I can still dig it.

Listen to it below.

Malachi feat Young Chill - "From The Hood"

I like What Yung [lord enough with the Yung's] Chill's bringing to the record. I hear Chill's got some heat in the lab though.

Oh And Before I Forget...

My boi Jus Nice is still grinding it out on his mission to become the next superstar in the game.

Here's some pictures of the homie performing at a South Carolina Fashion show.

Still not sold on jus Nice? Well his fans are. Check the video below:

If the ladies love him then you already know he's on his way.

Oh And One Last Thing....

Not only is she an incredible actress/actor [I'm not sure what's politically correct these days], but one of the coolest people you'll ever want to meet [watch her]!

And after all the attention she's still the same Taraji from Soufeast DC (That "f" is there for a reason)!

So, this Saturday we say congratulations and goodbye for now as she wraps another incredible movie in Atlanta!

Meet me on the dance floor Taraji, we got a score to settle!

Talk to y'all lata,

--SOHH Gynat



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