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Plies, who I like to call the world's smallest MC, is bringing his high-octane diva antics to the ATL.

Last week I stopped by Young Jeezy's video shoot for "My President....". As we are all still riding high off of President Elect Barack Obama, Jeezy is wasting no time in capitalizing off of the historic moment in history. Check out my exclusive video below where Jeezy takes time out of his schedule to speak to the SOHH readers.

At least the King of The South is embracing the new up and comers in the game. Check out the dope collaboration from Tip and B.O.B.

I guess with the developments of last night it's clear that Alfamega is probably headed back to jail.

The holidays have come back around, again. So you know everyone in the A is about to start kicking off their tax deductible events all in the name of a good cause. First up; Zone 4. Who want's a Free Turkey?

Tonight is the 4th Annual Dirty Awards hosted by David Banner and am I the only wondering why Radio One insists on keeping this lackluster award show going?
Over the weekend hip-hop got dished another blow as Michigan rapper MC Breed, who burst onto the national scene with the 1991 hit "Ain't No Future in Yo' Frontin'," has died at age 37. Today DJ Shakim and SOHH Atlanta honor his memory with a dedication mix.

I know that I'm not the biggest hip-hop history fan, but even I wouldn't EVER place Shawty Lo and Ludacris in the same category.

DJ Shamkim Drops Another SOHH ATL Mix!!

I missed the Mix Friday. I was out collecting great video interviews for you guys. Get ya mix on below.

Drama's got a new artist that's on the come up. Check it out below.

Luda's taking a unique approach to the promotion of his new album, Theater of The Mind. Check out a new online commercial that was sent over to me.

After all the whispers and innuendo about Lil' Wayne hating Ozone magazine, the world's most popular rapper is finally setting the sh*t straight. Check out the video below.

SOHH Atlanta Music Mix [Ludacris Edition]!

In light of Ludacri's new album, which is due next week, DJ Shakim has blessed us with a dope Luda mix. Today we got 15 tracks for your enjoyment.

Yo, a couple of weeks ago I told you all about some new artists to be looking out for that's going to kick this industry into high gear in 2009. Well here's one of them that I spoke about. His name is Attitude and dude's been grinding in the game for a minute. His new song with former Crime Mob member, Diamond is officially my new anthem as we close out the nominations for the Online Hip Hop Awards.

SOHH ATL Mix: (A.T.C.Q. Edition)

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Y'all know the drill. DJ Shakim has blessed us with another SOHH ATL Mix.

Dude doesn't even have an album and he's already booking club appearances. Check out all the parties poppin' off this week in the ATL.

One of Young Jeezy's right hand dudes, Kinky B is looking for some talented girls to form a new R&B girl group. Check below for more details.

Last night I attended Akon's ultra-lavish listening session for his new album titled Freedom. Though I forgot my camera and missed out some great shots, it seems like Kanye West isn't the only one who's gone Euro.

Young Jeezy

Still riding high off of Barack Obama's historic win Young Jeezy new single "My President Is Black" is picking up more steam with each passing day. And since I'm still on cloud 9 over Barack, I figured I'd post some pictures from Jeezy's video set despite my initial determination to decline. If I don't get an invite to attend one's video shoot that one wants on the blog I usually pass. But check em out.

With acts like Asher Roth and B.o.B. on the verge of bringing in some fresh air to this stale ass hip-hop game, I can't help but wonder if Andre 3000 and Eminem is going to embrace or shun the young up and coming MCs.

might possibly setting himself up if you're to believe his quote from a recent interview.

I got the chance to catch up with celebrity fashion stylist Renaldo Nehemiah. Check it out.

Some dude going by the name of Frank Lee White is trying to get some buzz for a new record. But check out the email that came along with it.

T.I. is still talking about damn Shawty Lo. Check out a new sit down with he and Maino below.

Y'all know the drill. DJ Shakim has blessed us with another SOHH ATL Mix.

B.o.B. gave SOHH Atlanta access to his video shoot for "I'll Be In The Sky".

I'm convinced that Atlanta's own, Bobby Valentino is the last R&B crooner of our time. And thanks to DJ Shakim, today it's all about Bob.

With only days before voting for the Online Hip Hop Award ends I thought I'd take this time out to beg for some votes.


Um....who does Plies think he's fooling??

I've got some Shakir Stewart updates for you.

I know, I know. But this ish is too funny to ignore. Check it out below.

I know I am super late with this New Era HSBU event, but seeing as though I love New Era gear and Publicist-extraordinaire Nicole Garner, I had to compile this post on the fly event from two weeks ago. Check it out.

Rock City continues to create their own lane with their music and now their online webisodes. Check out a cut from their new webisode "My Life As An Artist".

After teasing the Internet for more then a year Willy Northpole has finally released the official first single from his debut album. Check it out below.

I know I said that that kat was banned from SOHH Atlanta, but yesterday SOHH Correspondent, Danica Dow interviewed S.B. and I hear that he had plenty to say to me. Check it out below.

Happy Friday everyone! Look, I come baring hip-hop presents. Enjoy!

Am I the only one who is still on cloud nine?

I don't know why people be trippin'

Enough is enough. It's a new day and these two need to seriously get with the program.

With the announcement of our first African-American President, I feel it the perfect time to officially introduce a new Atlanta MC that's creating a serious buzz for himself.

I went out and voted today. And I chose to capture this historic moment on video so that I can look back on it when I'm 80 years-old with amazement and nostalgia.

Today is election day! I'm standing in line probably as you read this. It's a historic moment so I'm getting that good video for you. But in my absence check out T.I., Young Jeezy, Bobby Valentino & others gettin' their election swagger on.

Never in a million years did I think I'd say this but..........

Check out their new record below.

With the shocking death of Shakir Stewart and the tragic slaying of Jennifer Hudson's family, as well as the over all vibe of our country; there's only one song that I can think of right now that I truly feel the entire world needs to hear. Check it out below.


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