Poppin' or Floppin' Vid Of The Week: Willy Northpole - "Shut Up B*tch"!!!

Shoutout to DTP's Willy Northpole. The Arizona MC has been grinding it out for a minute and now he's finally dropped a new video for his debut album. Check it out below. Is it poppin' or floppin'?

Northpole's first video "Body Marked Up" didn't pick up a lot of steam even though it was dope as hell. But the warm reception seems to be cool with Willy because he's got this new joint called "Shut Up B*tch".

The video was directed by Artemus Jenkins [AJ, to those who know him]. The concept of the video is quite simple.

It's clear that their in a strip club. I just wish they would've gotten some hotter females in the video.

What do y'all think of this video? I can't pick it apart too much. Willy is one my people's SOHH I can't go in on him. He and AJ get an "E" for effort.

Talk to y'all lata,

--SOHH Gyant

Email: sohhgyant@gmail.com


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