Last Day For Luda Tix Giveaway, Block Ent Drops Another Political Vid + 'Blog Beef' Round 7, Ron Mexico vs Gyant!!

The Atlanta premiere for Ludacris' new action flick Max Payne is tonight. But there are still a few free tickets left for you to come and be apart of the red carpet event.

The other King of the South gave SOHH Atlanta a handful of free ickets for you, the readers. Yesterday I found out that Laced Up Boutique still has a few more left and y'all better stop playing and get your ass down to the sneaker store on Edgewood and cop 'em.

Check the Luda ad to the right of this blog to find out what you need the do for those movie tickets.

And Speaking Of Ludacris....

I got word last night that I will be shadowing Ludacris for the entire BET Hip-Hop Awards weekend. The lyrical beast has a full schedule, and I've been granted permission to tag along to bring you guys an exclusive look at the award festivities from the other side of the red carpet.

For my Twitter friends; y'all already know that I will be updating you live.

Let's Move On..........

Russell "Big Block" Spencer, CEO of Block Entertainment, has launched the "Don't Block the Vote" campaign to encourage voter participation in the upcoming election on November 4th. The campaign is a series of weekly video messages covering various topics surrounding voting in the 2008 Presidential election including; registration deadlines, former felon eligibility rights, determining your polling location and what not to wear to the polls. According to Big Block, "'Don't Block the Vote' is my way of encouraging my community to go to the polls and make history!"

And Now For The F*ckery....

Why other bloggers stay SOHH concerned with what I do is beyond me. Yesterday, former rouge blooger for, Ron Mexico posted a blog about my new tattoo.

Apparently Mr. Mexico has a problem with my efforts of trying to take blogging to another level. Check out some of what he had to say:

Today's Negro Please Bonus goes to a former teammate of mine at Big Green. Yes, we all respect his bloggety blog grind. T.I. can claim to be Kang of the South all he wants. However, even he knows that whosoever controls the shine box also controls these solar-powered rapsters. In Atlanta, that man goes by SOHH Gyant... Shawty.

Sh*t often goes terribly wrong when bloggers step from behind the desk seeking "shine" of their own. Sometimes n*ggas get things tatted on them they damn well know they shouldn't. Gyant gives the Negro Please reader the best of both blunders. [Source]


It had to have been a slow news day for Ron to have taken such a strong interest in what I do with my body.

Hey, I get it - I hate on people/people hate on me. And the world goes round and round again. But I thank him for the back-handed compliment.

Talk to y'all lata,

--SOHH Gyant



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