Soulja Boy Getting Paid Off The Hate, Big Tiny Offers Up A Free Track [Audio] Plus, DTP Launches New Contest!


Wrtten By SOHH Gyant


While I won't got anywhere in the realm of what  Kanye West is saying about Soulja Boy and how he is a genuis, I will post a video that the teeny bopper of hip-hop music has posted to address all the haterz of the world. Did y'all know that he's getting money from all the hate?

I don't know if I believe him with the .15 cents a click bit. This could be a "punked" move on Soulja Boy's part. Is youtube really making these kind of deals? I've never heard of it be being done before.

Sh*t, if Soulja boy is getting paid off the hits then maybe I should reach out to youtube and try to strike my own deal because y'all know y'all cant stand my ass, but you still come here everyday.


By now I'm sure y'all already know about the bodyguard who goes by the name "Big Tiny". I did a post on big homie a couple of weeks ago. And according to aspiring beat maker the response has been bananas. It seems that everyone is showing him lov, but most importantly they are respecting his work.

Big Tiny is working SOHH hard on his craft that he sent me over a new track for you all to hear.


The track is called "No More Lies" and as you can hear Tiny delivers a unique skill in how he creates his tracks.

Now y'all already know I'm a overly critical nucca who don't get behind many people in this game, but Tiny is doing something I can fux with. And if y'all was smart y'all would be getting at him now while he's cheap.

Be sure to check out his myspace page if you trying to get a hold of him.


Disturbing Tha Peace along with Charles McCree [DTP I-Team] is launching a new contest called "I WILL NOT BE SLIENT, I AM DISTURBED, I WILL DISTURB THE PEACE!"

Contestants are asked to upload their videos telling us what it is that they do in their everyday lives To follow their dreams of becoming what ever they want to become in this music industry that causes them to not be silent… that causes them to be disturbed and then finish by stating what they do about it. It must be 3-5 min (that's it), must be creative, unique, must use music by DTP artist, and you must use the phrase: I WILL NOT BE SILENT… I AM DISTURBED… I WILL DISTURB THA PEACE!

The Prizes will all be "Life Changing" opportunities to further enhance you on your road to your future!

The main question that will be asked is: What is it that you won't be silent about? What is it that disturbs you, and causes you to go out and find a way or make one to make your dreams of being is the entertainment industry come true?

Local and National famous faces were all on hand for this shoot to give their own inspirational takes on the matter such as: I'na Saulsbery C.E.O of the Star Fire Group, JaQuitta A. Williams news anchor/reporter for WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News, The cast of BET's College Hill Atlanta, and DTP's own Player Circle and LeLe just to name a few…

The specifics of the contest [i.e. when, where, what] have not been released yet, but when the commercial becomes available you know I got you.

Talk to y'all lata,

--SOHH Gyant


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