Hip-Hop Fans Listen Up; Because Elee Is Doing Her Thing On The Mic [Free Mixtape Download]! Plus, Wednesday's Are Solid Gold At Luckies. Come Get Your Party On!


Written By SOHH Gyant


Since the men continue to dominate the Hip-Hop genre I thought that I would take some time to honor the female MC's for a moment. My girl Rovella Williams has put me on to a new artist who goes by the name Elee. She represents the south and grind is unmeasurable. And she's just put out a new mixtape which you know I have for you below. Check it out.


Molasses for the Masses is a mixtape for every woman and girl in Anytown, USA.  From the single OooWee - #5 to my favorites Catch Me - #6 and Losin Control - #14 it's good music.  Elee is undeniable and she grinds harder than any other female MC in the South that we're aware of. 

On any given month she can be found networking and performing throughout the South at open mics and conferences. There aren't many Southern DJ's or promoters who are not familiar with her music and her relentless efforts to be seen and heard.

Get familiar with Elee with her mixtape [Download Here]

And While You're Taking In The Sweet Sounds Of Molasses...


I know with these slow economic times everyone is contemplating and searching for the right night spot that's not going to break your budget, but where you're still guaranteed a good time surrounded by sexy people. In case you didn't know that place is Luckie Lounge of Wednesday night.

This weekly event continuously brings out  top tier entertainers. Last week alone they had Estelle, D Woods, Lyfe Jennings, Kim Porter, Bryan Michael Cox and Idris Elba. You just never know who's gonna be up in that piece.

Now y'all already know I've had my issues with Luckie's. Hell I've blogged about every experience, but Wednesday nights MusicBusniessPolitics and Botchey & Zae Entertainment always ensure that EVERYONE has a great time and I appreciate that. Oh and ladies you're free until 11PM.

Make sure you tell em Gyant with SOHH.com sent you out there.

Talk to y'all lata,

--SOHH Gyant



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