The King Invades Louis Vuitton of Buckhead and Clears Up The Rumored Beef Between Gyant And Grand Hustle!!!


T.I’s Party went down without a hitch over the weekend. Big names like JD, Polow Da Don, Big Boi, Big Gipp, and of course the man of the hour himself were in the building.

It was a good look for the Louis Vuitton of Buckhead to allow the King to host his party amongst all the designer apparel adorned by many of today’s male and female celebrities.

While some may be surprised to find out that Gyant was invited to a T.I. Party. Trust and believe that it is all luv between Grand Hustle and myself.

Oh and I got a special message from Jason Jeter to all the fans who think the Gyant and Grand Hustle got beef.

Check out all the great video below.

I am sure nobody is surprised that T.I.’s newest album is going to be number on the billboard charts come this Wednesday. Various media outlets are already predicting sales to be in the realm of 500-650k sold.

While that is great by any industry standards these days, let’s hope that T.I.’s new release doesn’t pull a Jay-Z and take a serious nose dive the following week.

I was just telling a friend that I’d much rather have an album debut mediocre if goes on to sell three million albums then to debut high the first week and just go platinum.

Only time will tell…

Talk to y’all lata,

--SOHH Gyant

Special shout out to Cannon Kent for all her luv she showed the Gyant with this project.

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