Sohh Gyant's Top 5 Questions Of The Week!!



1. By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about Falcon Quarterback Michael Vick and his "weed residue" that was found in a hidden compartment within a water bottle at the Miami International Airport. But, my question isâ€"why is the highest paid football player in the league today, flying anywhere on public planes?

If I ever walked on to a commercial flight and saw Michael Vick sitting in first class, I would immediately stand up and demand that the flight attendant put me on another plane.

Not for nothing, but I don’t want to see millionaires flying with "common people". And to add insult to an already dumb injury, why would Michael Vick try to bring any fluids on a damn plane. EVERYBODY knows to not mess with the TLA. Is it just me, or is Michael Vick as dumb as a box of hair? Between the herpes rumors and his obvious love for the earth’s herb, it’s no wonder why he can’t take us to the Super Bowl. Oh and by the way Mike, those dark ass lips gives your away your very obvious secret!!

Speaking of Michael Vick….

2. Is it just me, or wouldn't the rumored trade off of Vick for LA Raiders Randy Moss, Jerry Porter, and the 1st Draft pick, be a great trade off? After 6 years and only one playoff, its time to get some new blood in the Falcons. Someone with a not so prevalent weed habit should help too.


3. Has anybody seen Ludacris lately? It just goes to show you what money can do for someone with a messed up grill. (Thanks


4. Every since DJ Drama’s unfortunate arrest two weeks ago, I’ve really been perplexed by his race. Is he White, Black, or Puerto Rican? According to the Fulton County Court House, his booking info at the jail listed him as white. But, then how do you explain his, obviously, black lesbian sister? The whole issue has me totally baffled. Though he may look white, something about his whole swagger says he’s a brutha.


5. Um Monica, you can deny all the rumors you want but at the end of the day your new album “The Making of Me” isn’t making enough dollars to make much sense. (That wasn’t really a question, but you get the point).

If Y'all would take a minute to see the bigger picture you would all see that Sohh Atlanta is attempting to break up the monotony of how blogs run.

On Sohh Atlatna you got:
1. Poppin or Floppin Videos
2. Atlanta’s Own Independent Talent Showcase
3. Sohh Atlanta’s Classic Re-Run Classics
4. Sohh Gyant’s Top 5 Questions
5. “Real Talk” with Sohh Gyant

So for those who can’t see my vision for this site, all I can say is “I thank you for coming”. But I’m not changing up my style, so Id advise you to just DEAL WITH IT!!! I talk about what people care about! I can’t please everybody, and I honestly don’t try.

It’s easy for you to sit on your ass and complain about what I’m doing but trust me when I say that this shit aint easy!! So I can’t change what you think. It’s not my job! Blogging is what I do, and this is my job!

Haters gonna hate, period!!


--Sohh Gyant!!


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