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I decided to forgo the Atlanta news today to try and promote “Atlanta’s Own”. Many of you all have supported this weekly showcase where Sohh.com picks four unsigned Atlanta and southern hip-hop rappers to shine.

A lot of y’all complain that I don’t rep Atlanta right, but in my opinion this is the most correct way to represent da A. I’m giving all aspiring artists access to over 6 million plus readers to show 'em what they got.

This is your chance to put your money and your music where your mouth is. Sohh.com has its pulse on what’s hot and we have a lot of record labels, producers, and A/Rs who come to us to find out who’s next. So use this opportunity wisely.

Check out a repost of my last “Atlanta’s Own Showcase”. Don’t sleep on these kats, they got skills.

Well me made it to that hump day, and as a present to all the fellas, and some ladies, I’ve decided to give you all a treat. Now it has nothing to do with Atlanta, or an Atlanta artist, but I do think that once you see this picture you really won’t care.

Want to see what I got for you?

Continue on…


What’s good?
Is it Friday yet? I don’t know about you but I’m fucking tired! From the Battle of The Bands, to some events I attended over the weekend, a brutha is most def ready for some R&R.

My second Poppin or Floppin Video of the week is Crime Mobb.

For those who don’t know, Crime Mob is a rap group consisting of members M.I.G., Cyco Black, Diamond, and siblings Lil Jay and Princess (ex-member Killa C is incarcerated and no longer part of the group). They are best known for their 2004 chart topping single "Knuck If You Buck", and their current single "Rock Yo Hips" from the upcoming album, Hated On Mostly (due Jan 2007). The video for "Rock Yo Hips" depicts a fictional Crime Mob College, set to resemble a historically black college. In preparation for the album they have released the mixtape "Mob Shit" hosted by DJ Scream. In the future Diamond and Princess plan on releasing an album separate from the rest of the group.


What good Family?

Yo, it’s good that y’all could swallow what I had to say about DJ Drama and Cannon without trying to have my balls slung up on a stick and fed to the pit-bull around back.

It’s a new week, and so you know we got another Poppin or Floppin Video.

This week I’ve selected two videos. The first one is from my man B.G.
B.G. has recently inked a deal with Atlantic Records and T.I. has been appointed executive producer of B.G.'s new album which is scheduled for a fall release. After spending time there on and off, B.G. permanently relocated to Detroit in 2005 as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Before this deal was inked, there were rumors of B.G. signing with Young Buck's label, G-Unit South.

Young Buck Arrested Again!!



Damn Young Buck. I’m not sure what’s worst for you right now. Your sophomore album being pushed back again, your music being blacklisted form 107.9, or this new arrest you got going on, but it doesn’t look good no matter how you look at it.

G-Unit artist Young Buck was arrested on Friday (January 26) in his hometown of Nashville, TN on a warrant that was issued when he missed a court appearance. The Associated Press reports that the rapper was pulled over while driving in downtown Nashville after a police officer witnessed his black Cadillac Escalade weaving. In July of 2006, Buck was hit with a misdemeanor charge of driving with a suspended license. Although his license is now valid, a warrant showed up on his record for failing to appear in court for the previous offense. The rapper was released on $1000 bond and is expected back in court on February 27th.

Buck’s new album Buck The World will now hit stores on March 20.


More DJ Drama Infomration For Y'all!!


Even MTV is getting in on the DJ Drama-DJ Cannon controversy. While many of y’all got so upset over me calling DJ Drama’s mixtape “business”â€"bootlegging. According to authorities that’s exactly what it is. Bootlegg/Pirated is any material that is NOT copyrighted. I understand the importance of mixtapes in hip-hop. They are the life blood of hip-hop, where artists drop new songs and unreleased tracks to keep their names in the streets. T.I., Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy owe a large part of their success to the mixtape industry. But, when your dealing with “the man” AKA â€"white people, you got to make sure that everything you do is 100% legit.

My new Poppin or Floppin video for the week is Atlanta’s resident, Sammie. Before y’all come after me with your “Fire Sohh Gyant” picket signs I realize that he isn’t a hip-hop artist. But, he is an Atlanta artist and that’s why I chose him. I actually like the song. I hope that Sammie gets the opportunity to make a bigger impact in music then he has. After an album release, now, two videos and a performer on the Scream Tour, he seems to have gone virtually un-noticed.

Check out the video!

Is It Over For Indie Label BME?!?


Is the relationship between BME and Warner Bros over? Word on the streets isâ€"yes!

Could extremely poor record sales be the reason? Possibly, seeing that after 7 weeks on the charts Lil Scrappy’s album has failed to reach gold status. Its current position is # 93 on billboard. Atlanta based BME Records is owned by hot 107.9 Emporer Searcy and Lil Jon.

As you all know I’m trying my best to put Atlanta’s Blog on the map. Though some claim that I’m lame as hell (whateva) I’m still striving to put club promoters on the blast. If you got a hot club, or party that you want Sohh.com to promote, get at me. Sohhgyant@sohh.com



FEVER nightclub is a choice hotspot among Atlanta’s most fashionable clubgoers.

FEVER is located at 1789 Cheshire Bridge Rd., Atlanta, GA 30324.


1008 Brady Ave NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 872-4621



1. By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about Falcon Quarterback Michael Vick and his "weed residue" that was found in a hidden compartment within a water bottle at the Miami International Airport. But, my question isâ€"why is the highest paid football player in the league today, flying anywhere on public planes?

If I ever walked on to a commercial flight and saw Michael Vick sitting in first class, I would immediately stand up and demand that the flight attendant put me on another plane.

Not for nothing, but I don’t want to see millionaires flying with "common people". And to add insult to an already dumb injury, why would Michael Vick try to bring any fluids on a damn plane. EVERYBODY knows to not mess with the TLA. Is it just me, or is Michael Vick as dumb as a box of hair? Between the herpes rumors and his obvious love for the earth’s herb, it’s no wonder why he can’t take us to the Super Bowl. Oh and by the way Mike, those dark ass lips gives your away your very obvious secret!!

Speaking of Michael Vick….

2. Is it just me, or wouldn't the rumored trade off of Vick for LA Raiders Randy Moss, Jerry Porter, and the 1st Draft pick, be a great trade off? After 6 years and only one playoff, its time to get some new blood in the Falcons. Someone with a not so prevalent weed habit should help too.


Yo, if you think you got what it takes to be a “here today, gone today” artist with Bad Boy here’s your chance. The music mogul, and I use that term very loosely will be in Atlanta this Saturday, January, 27th

DATE: Saturday 1/27
TIME: Line forms at 7am, Open calls begins promptly at 10am
511 Peachtree St, NE
Atlanta, GA 30308


It’s good to see that the “King of The South’s’ success hasn’t gone to his head. With millions of records sold, his own record label, multiple accolades, and a pretty decent night club in Bankheadâ€"“Club Crucial”, its good see that T.I. is still holding down his original chick, former member of Xscapeâ€"Tiny.

My homegirl, Sandra Rose (who runs the popular photography/and celebrity news website Sandrarose.com) spoke to Tiny’s mother and exclusively and has found out the following information.


What’s up Family?

I got this information from a homie of mine. As you know I’m always about promoting home grown real talent from the south, particularly my Atlanta artists who are doing their thing. If you’re a real artist and are about that hustle, then you need to check out the information below. One of my personal quotes that I always repeat to myself is:

There is no such thing as luck. When things happen to you by chance it’s because opportunity and preparation come together. So always be prepared.

Get Seen and Heard at a spring break weekend in Florida!

Bama Hip Hop Presents the 2007 4-Week Alabama/Gulf Coast Unsigned Artist Showcase at Studio 231 in Gadsden, AL. in association with the Greg Gate$ Music Conference in Pensacola, FL. (sponsored by Roy Jones Jr. & Body Head Ent. Get'em Magazine, CTE, BME, DTP, Konvict Music, Ozone Magazine, Down Magazine and All-Access DVD).

Thursday: February 8th, 15th, 22nd and March 1st & 8th (Finals) @ Studio 231.

Bama Hip Hop's Showcase will allow each participating artist 6 minutes to perform your best show. Don't come to do songs, come to put on a show. 3 semi-finalists per week will be selected from the first 4 weeks for the Finals on March 8th of the Bama Hip Hop Alabama/Gulf Coast Promotional Showcase which will be reviewed and judged by a panel consisting of a professional music producer, event promoter and label A&R guests.

Selected top Artist will go to Florida to attend and showcase at the Greg Gate$ Music Conference on March 31st. See Prize Package below.

Your participation/promotional registration for the Bama Hip Hop Showcase is a flat $20 for solo act or $40.00 per group act (does not include $5 per person admission to Studio 231). Afe 21 and older. If you are from 18-20 years of age please contact us first. Advance signup recommended.

Register online above with the name of the Artist or mail complete artist info with a money order to Bama Hip Hop/Ali Shabazz 1628 Christine Drive, Anniston, AL. 36207

Registration at the door begins 9 p.m. Studio 231, 231 E. Broad St. Gadsden, AL.

The Drama Saga Continues!!!!



Picture provided by SandraRose.com

Finally after almost a week of silence DJ Drama has issued a statement about the bootlegging arrest that took place on January 16, 2007

This is what he had to say:

This is an attempt by the government to paint an image of those involved in Hip-Hop as criminals...Don Cannon and I are being negatively depicted despite the fact we are legitimate businessman, highly involved in the community and college graduates that have never been arrested. We are being accused of damaging the music industry, when in fact, we are hired by record labels to help develop and elevate the careers of their artists by previewing unreleased material to the masses."

DJ Cannon has also released a statement:

Our track record for success has made us some of the most sought after music producers and DJ's in Hip Hop...We are looking forward to being exonerated of all charges and continuing to build our brand."

According to various hip-hop sites, the popular DJ’s are now preparing their legal defense and have hired attorneys to represent them. DJ Drama has enlisted the services of Ed Garland, while DJ Cannon has hired Janice Singer and Don Samuel.

OK, so now what y’all got to say? Lil Wayne sat down and talked to VH1 exclusively, and he had this to say about the DJ Drama/DJ Cannon arrest that took place last week here in Atlanta.


He tells VH1:

"You gotta do it right. It's gonna be a message. [The authorities] ain't playing. They gonna make an example. They gonna straighten the game out. A lot of companies take a fall with those mixtapes. N---as be caking up off them mixtapes. The artists can drop his album â€" and everybody knows that hip-hop [album sales are in] decline â€" nobody ain't gonna buy the album, and everybody gets the mixtapes off of the Internet or whatever way they get it. The artists ain't caking, but the n---a you made the mixtape with is caking up. Thank God I ain't got that problem, but I know a lot of people who do."

What’s up Family?

I hope you all had a good weekend. I also hope the “DJ Drama” smoke has cleared. I read each and every one of y’all’s comments and the one thing people can't say about Atlanta is that we don’t have passion. I luv it!!

I want to give a special shout out to my homiette, and loyal blog reader Tigiris. She post one of the realest comments over the weekend. “And it goes a little something like this…”


Yo also Gyant the next time you answer the comments here in your blog sweetie don't even address the haters because if you truely read them then you will see that they never show proof of their hate. It is like saying you will beat somebodies ass but never do it!!! You feel me? Honestly you have my support and others here that truely would want to hear a muti-angle opinion about things in the industry and not just some salty one-dimension opinion about an artist that is doing well when they are feeding us garbage, but honestly too if I see something that may have been written by you that I didn't like I wouldn't use ignorance and blast you to get my point across. So please just address us sane people that gives you the feedback that you deserve!! But if the negative feedback you recieve is done in a tasteful fashion then if your choice blast them but honestly you have people that trueeeeely respects what you are doing. I hate to see people complain about something but really will not give a true sane reason why they are mad or disgusted. Let's be better than this------Tigris

Thanks shawtie, I really appreciate the luv you show me. I know their are others who show the Gyant luv too and you're appreciated just as much as Tigris. Hell, haters I luv y'all too. I dont take none of this shit to heart. At the end of the day I just provide a service. My only hope is that everyone can respect everybody!!

Oh and for all who say that I focus on R&B too much and not enough hip-hop. Let me remind you of what Sohh Atlanta is: “The daily pulse of the Atlanta hip-hop scene.”
That’s the beauty, and one of the main reasons why I am in love with Hip-Hop and this magnificent city. It’s transcended all musical divides. You can hear Hip-Hop in virtually every musical genre out there with the exception of Classical, and Country. Monica is Hip-Hop, Lloyd is Hip-Hop, and hell even Britney Spears is Hip-Hop. Whether we like it or not it, Hip-Hop has taken over and influences everything.


After a stalled career, and two disappointing singles, word on the streets is that former Pop and R&B-sensation, and Atlanta resident, Monica Arnold is extremely close to being kicked out the door by J Records due to poor record sells. Music mogul and consistent star maker, Clive Davis, is reportedly very upset over Monica’s failure to pull her album to platinum success.

To date, Monica’s new album "The Making of Me" has failed to reach gold status, selling a meager 350,000 copies since it’s September release. Things are reportedly so bad at her record label, that Monica has pleaded with her fans, ala her website, MonicaOnline.com, to write her recording company and demand that they allow the ghetto Diva to shoot a third video for her new single "Side Line Hoe".

Sohh Gyant Answers Your Comments!!!!



What’s da deal Family?

I see the comments are picking up and for that very reason, today, I’m going to pass on Atlanta’s Own Talent Showcase to address some of your comments. This picture was emailed to me earlier today. Can we all please get a grip people! They got arrested for a white-collar crime. There will be a trial, which I’m sure will take at least a year. Some of y'all acting like they was sentenced to death and shit. It’s corny as hell but: if you cant do the time, then don’t do the muthafuckin crime.

My homie Freezefiyah emailed me this information on just how serious the RIAA is about all the bootlegging. The have had enough.

If you thought DJ Drama and the Aphillates Music Group were the only ones to feel the effect of the powers that be's desperate attempt to put to bed the commercial viability of urban music entertainment, well guess again. Your favorite website, Urban Connects recently received a “cease and desist” notice (same day as the Aphillates raid mind you) from the legal department of VNU, parent company of Nielsen BroadCast Data Systems and Nielsen SoundScan. The issue at hand is the BDS and SoundScan numbers that are posted on this site. Because of this action we will, starting today, omit the BDS/SoundScan numbers from being posted in “chart format”…but best believe we will continue to be your source for analysis of this urban music landscape (on a business level) from the perspective of people that are of the culture.

When you see a billion dollar media entity threatening to enforce statutory damages (up to $150,000 per infringement) on a site that is completely non-revenue in nature it just goes to show how powerful a role INFLUENCE can play in the world we live in. Now is the time to strap the boots up and ride out! You can’t stop progression.

First, let me say that I really appreciate the time and energy (good or bad) y’all share with Sohh Atlanta. I’m doing my best to make this shit as interesting as possible. So, keep doing ya thing and I will for damn sure keep doing mine.


Usher must have an album coming out or something. The AJC just reported that the prince of Atlanta wasn’t being so majestic last Fourth of July as he was ticketed for blazing 103 mph in a 70 mph zone while cruising through Bartow County. Appearing before Probate Court Judge Mitchell Scoggins, the performer was fined $425 and given 20 hours of community service that he can perform closer to home in north Fulton.

If I find out that he is sentenced to street sweeping or any other “common” service, I will be there with my camera to bring you all his humbling reactions.


Isn’t life ironic? Yesterday morning when I got out of bed I usually check the newspapers and online headlines to see if any local or national celebrity has acted up while I was asleep. Yesterday however, I didn’t do that, and the one-day I omit my researching skills. It goes down with arguably one of the most popular and sought after DJ’s in the Southâ€" LRG spokesperson himself, DJ Drama.

DJ Drama (Tyrie Simmons), along with DJ Cannon (Donald Cannon)
was hauled off to jail late Tuesday night on charges of music piracy. The Fulton county S.W.A.T. team, along with Clayton County officials, raided DJ Drama’s “Gangsta Grillz” recording studio in downtown Atlanta. That’s right people, piracy. The current Grand Hustle Records affiliate had the streets buzzing in a frenzy over the shocking arrest. He along with DJ Cannon was both charged with the white-collar crime in the wee hours of the morning.

Continuing my holiday report that I started on Monday. I have to talk about V103’s/Q100 "Unity Mixer", held at the Lotus Lounge in Buckhead. The event was designed to integrate Atlanta’s noticeable “culture” divide within the Atlanta nightlife. Ok, I tried to be politically correct in that last sentence but bottom lineâ€"Black people and White peopleâ€"â€"don’t party together down here. As progressive as the “A” tries to be, at the end of the day your're constantly reminded that you're still in the SOUTH. Many local "ATLiens" observe how palpable the racial divides are. Black and White people tend to have indirect racism, not realizing that the “indirectness” is, in fact, directly affecting how we all party and, even, socialize.

To be honest with you, I love to party. If the music is bumping, and the drinks are flowing, I’m good. White or Black establishment, I don’t particularly care. However, when it comes to the ladies, I personally want to be around an even amount of sistas. While, I can appreciate a white girl with a phat ass, there’s something about a sista that makes me want to just lay in her hair (if you’re fan of “The Love Below” then you understand what I’m talking about). So as long as the spot I go to has what I need, then I'm there. But, at the end of the day we all need to come together and end the racism bullshit no matter what our preferences are. So, I congratulate V103's Frank Ski, and Wanda as well as Bert, from Q100's The Bert Morning Show, on a job well done with this event.


What’s da deal Fam,

Yo, I’m not even gonna front, I’m pissed off that we have let our comments section fall off the way that it has. What gives with that? At first, y’all used to blast me for not hanging around to talk. Now, I be here waiting and I get nothing? What’s up with that? I know y’all hanging on every word that I say. I know y’all like what I’m doing, so stand up and rep your blog. We got to show Sohh.com that we are a force to be reckoned with.

I want to see more comments. I’m a start kicking asses (now you know I’m playing). Nah, but for real though, we got to represent our shit better. Say somethingâ€"anything I don’t care just go back to doing it the way we used to do it.

Special shout out to loyal reader Kim who said:

Yo Sohh Gyant I am a Memphis, TN native but has resided in the A for about 4 years now. I just wanted to shout you out and tell you that you are doing a great job!!! Also I have to let you know that you missed a great party on sunday night at Copelands of New Orleans in Buckhead that is if you wasn't there!!! It was Grady Jackson's bday party of the Falcons and it was so much fun!!! Aye hit me up on the email and I can tell you about what's poppin next week.


What’s good Fam,

What a weekend! From Club 112 to the Compound, Atlanta celebrated the holiday weekend with parties, parties, and, did I mention, parties? If you don’t know you better ask somebody.

Atlanta’s party scene, on holidays, is on par with Miami and NYC. Ok, maybe not NYC, but definitely Miami. I had my hand in almost every event, so you know I’m tired. I will file my party report later on in the week. But, I got to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Ying Yang Twins for shutting it down at Club Fever this weekend.


Today marks one of the most prestigious moral leader of our nation â€" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s 76TH Birthday Day, and being a resident of Atlanta I can feel he and Mrs. Coretta Scott King’s spirit resonate throughout the city streets.

Though some of you may disagree with me, Hip-hop owes a lot to Dr. King. While many artists in the industry are still getting the raw end of the deal with their recording contracts, publishing, and concert appearances, If it weren’t for Dr. King striving for equality many of us wouldn’t have the opportunity to have creative outlets that we have today. I’m not going to get all preachy (because this isn’t the forum) but it's important for all of us to reflect on what he and Mrs. Coretta Scott King's legacies mean to each of us.

Happy Birthday Dr. King! Your spirit will always be here at Sohh.com

What’s da deal everybody?
Today, we are taking a break from "Atlanta’s Own". So many things happened this week in Atlanta I got to give you the entire scoop on who did what, where, and how.

Wednesday night, Atlanta’s Top Tier entertainers touched down at popular hot spot Atlantic Station for the highly anticipated "steppin" feature film "Stomp The Yard".

If you haven't heard what this movie's about, read the quick film synopsis below:
After the death of his younger brother, a troubled 19-year-old street dancer from Los Angeles is able to bypass juvenile hall by enrolling in the historically black, Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia. But his efforts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are sidelined when he is courted by the top two campus fraternities, both of which want and need his fierce street-style dance moves to win the highly coveted national step show competition.

Though, the Ying Yang Twins weren’t able to capture fans interests of previous projects that still isnt stopping them from hitting the road. I just got a press release, and it looks the boys are hitting the streets to support their latest lyrical effort “Chemically Imbalanced”. Check and see if they are coming to a city near you.



Before we get started I got to give a special shout out to NYC Diplomat for the love. Everything I do is for my hood and im glad y'all recognizing what I'm doing.


This video is almost a month old but I found it online and thought I would bring it to da family seeing that we got a lot of Young Jeezy fans who read Atlanata’s blog daily.

There are a few things that I feel need to be cleared up regarding how I feel about Jeezy. First, when I attended his concert event back in December, (as you all know) I had a bad time. As a result I reported on what my experience was just like I would have if I had a great time at his event. Though, my reporting was harsh, and I can admit that, it was the truth and more importantly it was, in my opinion, great journalism.

However, just because I had a bad experience at the “secret concert” doesn’t mean that I hate Jeezy, his music, or his new clothing line. Secondly, I don’t know Jeezy. I’ve never met him personally. I have seen him at events from afar but never had a chance to say more then two words to the rapper. But I still have a job to do and it’s a job that I take VERY seriously.


Happy Tuesday, family!

We got a new poppin' or floppin video this week. It’s from Yung Joc featuring Marques Houston and Trey Songz. I got to shout out the highly popular Thumbs Up restaurant where this video was shot. If you want some good ass breakfast with the big cup of lemonade or sweet tea, and want to be served by some sexy ass sistas, then you need to stop by Thumbs Up on Edgewood. Tell them Gyant sent you, they love me over there.

573 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 223-0690

The song is aiight. It doesn’t sound any different then any other slow rap song out there. For Yung to be trying to drop that second album he might want to come a little harder then this.

What’s da deal everybody?

I hope everybody had a good weekend. Atlanta had the usual hot spots off and poppin this weekend. You have Club 112 on Fridays, as well as the Compound, and the Velvet Room on Saturdays. I don’t know what happens on Sundays because my ass is usually at home writing and getting my black ass ready to work for the man early Monday morning. Yeap, your boy holds down a corporate job.

Anyway, I have decided to post a weekly report on the hottest songs blazing the Atlanta radio. It’s a mixture of genres so I hope y’all enjoy. (FREE DOWNLOADS)

What’s good Fam?

THANKS GOD ITS FRIDAY!!! I don’t know about y’all but it’s hard for me to get into the swing of things in this New Year. So far my resolutions are going good. I’ve been to the gym almost everyday this week. Whatever your resolutions were, keep that shit going aiight?!?

Special shout out to my man Gusto from Australia. That’s right people; the Atlanta spot gets international love.

Sup' SOHH Gyant! I always read your blog but ain't never really replied, you do an excellent job holding things down for the A & this blog is always interesting... I'm in the other A... Australia that is... regardless, Usher is ho-mo no doubt! Is that JT feelin' up on Kylie "The Budgie" Minogue's ass? And that Lil' Boosie/Jeezy vid is nice... Jeezy is doing well no matter the hate... anyways brother, I know I ain't from Atlanta but check my group out if you feel like giving some international love... Keep up the good work!
Though I may not respond to each every comment that is posted, trust and belive that I read them every single day. Keep sending them my way aiight?

What’s up Family?

This weeks poppin or floppin video of the week is none other than Lil Boosie feat. Young Jeezy â€" "Zoom." Lil homie is doing his thing. Check it out.

I hope everybody had a good day and shit. As you know I’m here to bring you what’s hot in Atlanta but keeping it real with y’all â€" aint shit going down. Everybody’s broke coming out of the holiday so I just surfed the internet to bring y’all some hot shit.

What’s da deal Family?

After recovering from my massive fuckin hangover and compartmentalizing the events of the Atlanta weekend I can finally give you a report on what went down in the “A” for the New Year.

I’m sure by now everybody knows a certain disdain I have for Jeezy but I can't front. homebody did his thing Monday night at the Compound. Atlanta’s semi-elite were all in attendance. Usher showed his face, while Akon proved that he is the toast of Atlanta. The love that the ladies were giving him was unbelievable. All in all we did our thing this year. I usually go out of town but this year Atlanta showed me what’s its like to party at home.

What’s da deal Family?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Like many of you, I have made my resolutions for the New Year that I’m almost sure I’ll break after a few months. Mine are the usual bullshit ones â€" Work out more, stop smoking so much herb, be kinder to people, blah, blah, blah. But, my most important resolution this year is to make the Sohh.com Atlanta blog the best and most sought after blog on this site.


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