Lil Jon Said to "Put Yo Hood Up," Not "Throw Yo Guns Up"


So they say Lil Jon's music is causing murder's now? Just blame it on hip hop, I guess... And to think, we've been partying to "Put Yo Hood Up" in Atlanta for what four years with few problems other than some chics gettin' too crunk and accidentally bumping asses on the dance floor. Nothing major.

(I was watching The Tom Brokaw special the other night concerning the poor educational system in Jackson, MS and guess who they tried to blame for their dismal situation? Yep, hip hop!) Go figure.

As far as this latest mishap concerning Lil Jon, I don't really know how to feel. But I do know that the average hip hop listener can't handle what they're putting into their system on an everyday basis, that's just reality.

It is my theory that all music is not intended for every region. So when people in GA put their hood up, it's a different vibe than when cats in East. St. Louis, Little Haiti, and Kansas City, MO etc. put their hood up. It's an entirely different feeling in the club.

The time is fast approaching when there will be a serious attempt to hold an artist accountable for what he/she is writing on paper. Hip Hop is under a watchful eye now.

I'm not naive though, I know hip hop has a big influence on everday situations. Real talk though, I think hip hop has become such a major component of everyday life, so much so that hip hop can't even handle hip hop at this point.

"If you can't handle your liquor then you damn sure sure can't handle hip hop." -- Sleepy Floyd from the documentary One Track Mind


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