Grillz: Hazardous To Your Health But So What!


"Gipp Was The First With His Mouth Bright White" -- Big Gipp

Now, there's finally a topic that the southern critics can come to the SOHH Atlanta blog and provide legitimate hate on. Yeah, we popularized the grillz in the south and now we're catching heat for it. So, I might actually ride wit' yall on this one.

Read this MSNBC article on the negatve effects of grillz, one of many that I've read lately. Possible backlash from the fact that little Shane and Suzie have secretly began spending their allowance money on grillz? Yeah, that's probably it.

Back in the day, Ice Cube started off one of his tracks with the phrase "Here's What They Think About You..." and how fitting of a phrase it was to me after reading this article.

We've all heard the myths about grillz like "the bad breath theories" and "the teeth damage" that they cause but are they accurate assumptions? Just curious, is that s**t true?

Did grillz originate in the south? Actually, who knows who had the first illustration of hood-life planted in their mug but I do know Geowgia and Flawda boys made it popular.

You could even go to places like Kansas City, MO back in the day and see individual gold teeth but blame it on us for gettin' gutter with the full fronts.

They were actually going to the dentists for real work in other places, but we decided to cut the middle man (the true dentist) and incorporate the "flea market dentist." So east coast haters, I'll "pop a bottle wit' yall" on today's topic because it's our doing, it's what we do.

Dental grills may bring a lot of “bling” to a smile, but wearing these devices can cause lasting damage. They are often made of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum with diamond inlays, although cheaper metals are also used to make these cosmetic devices.--

"The reason for this article was to provide the public with the danger signs [Yeah O.K.]," says Dr. Matt Mussina who also contends "That like many fads I know it is going to play itself out, which is a very good thing.”

Ya' think so Mike? I don't see it, I bet more people have grillz than college degrees... marinate on that ishh'.


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