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"Why You Wanna"- Song
"Why You Wanna"- Video

On the same day T.I. released his record selling album King, I spoke about the probable release of "Why You Wanna" as the second cut from the album. It was a no-brainer. The song is as catchy as a patch of poison ivy on ya' skin, as soon as you hear it.

I know he paid a mint for the Crystal Waters sample alone, and it was a damn good choice. He didn't change much but it still knocks.

I'm glad T.I was able to begin shooting before the run of recent situations that he's had to endure, it was evident that his focus was still intact. With the dedication at the end of the video to the late Philant Johnson, many have now been able to put a face with the name. A damn good look Tip.

As far as the Chris Robinson directed video is concerned, the video simply adds to the song's thump as most do. If you have yet to see it, I'll reserve my judgement for a minute so you can watch it....

I think we'll all agree on this however, the King chose a solid dime for a video vixen this time. Who is that? Ol' girl is the truth, did you see her get out of the beach water?

T.I. even does his little goofy side to side dance when he's on stage. Where ya'boy got that jook from I don't know but...He definitely geeks for a minute. The hook is serious though, and the video does a god job of clinging to the plot of the hook. All of these factors make for key ingredients of another future Top 10 video.

"Life is like a chess game, you need to make your next move your best move"--T.I.


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