ATL Writer Calls Out The Narcisistic Celebs


There was an interesting opinion column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the hip hop community and it's fascination with jewelry and wealth.

The author states, "Many others in this black celebrity clan are completely immersed in vacuous consumption and narcissism. Where is our Muhammad Ali?" and "our current crop of celebrities are in the spirit of Narcissus, for the betterment of themselves and their principles are only incidental to that core identity."

This is an unfair comparison any way you look at it. There will probably never be another with the heart to stand against the system like Ali-but it's unfair to blame our current mindstate on hip hop and "bling" as so many do.

I do see where the writer's headed and I feel 'em, but don't blame everything on hip hop-that's the easy way out. Why point the finger at what's most visible? That's too easy, search for the real root of our problems then we can talk.

But the overall point has validity but to associate this line of thinking with hip hop is bogus. Little Richard, Johny "Guitar"Watson, Eddie Levert, Don King, Sammy Davis Jr., Liberace, Dolemite etc.. the last time I checked all those cats were jewelry down...way before hip hop.


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