MC's Offer Support For T.I.: Outkast's "Idlewood" Album Dropping In September



First, big up to Greg Street for bringing together a few artists yesterday to discuss the T.I. situation and the recent flare ups of violence in the rap world. Coincidentally, Busta Rhymes was in studio and had some things to say although he didn't touch on his situation too much. But it was a good look though.

Also commenting with some heavy words was Killer Mike, who stated that after yesterday's murder of his best friend and personal assistant Philant Johnson, "T.I. will never be the same person."

Speaking of Greg Street, good looking out for dropping that new Outkast joint this week. So just incase you forgot, Dre and Big still have this ATL game on lock. No need for dances, finger-snapping...none of that.

From the sound of their first single we can look for Andre 3000 to get back to simply spitting again. And Big Boi, he spits a crazy 32 bars or so, they only run one verse each but they are killin' it. Real talk.

They use the old Cab Calloway hook, "Heidi-Heidi Hi/Heidi-Heidi-Ho" (I don't know how to spell it but you feel me) with a little altering of the hook a little bit for the "Idlewood" title. The album drops in September, just in time to gain momentum by early 2007 and grab more Grammy's. Timing is err'thing you know that.

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