T.I. and Grand Hustle Involved In Ohio Shootout



The plan was to write about something else today, but after getting word late last night about the shootout involving T.I. on Interstate-75 in Ohio after leaving Club Ritz, I'm kind of throw'd right now. He was there after doing a show at Club Bogarts (leave the club shows alone pimpin).

I tried to contact one of my people from Grand Hustle but I've been unable to reach him so I really don't want to comment on the unknown. I'm sure the sketchy details will become clear soon.

All we have to go on is that four people have been shot during the highway shootout, one is reported to be fatal and that's the only thing that seems to be official.

One thing is certain, this rap game is way bigger than entertainment. As I commented earlier with the Jeezy mishap in Florida, people in other cities sometimes have animosity just because no matter where you from. That's always been the case in hip hop, there will always be that Prime Meridian (Invisible) divide between us. Why? I can't call it but it exists.

Hip Hop community, we're at war with ourselves...again. Imagine what "they" think when they read about Proof's situation and T.I.'s shootout in Ohio?..Anyway, we'll wait and see what the word is but til' then I'll send one up for every party involved.

Yeah Southern...You heard it here first.

Also, R.I.P. to Big Hawk down in Texas.


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