Shawty Lo Of D4L Declares That He's "Da Man"


As D4L's Shawty Lo drills us with the chant I'm the man/ I, I I'm da' man...Got no wife but the white be my girlfriend, from their current single "I'm Da Man", I can just see the clubs consistently crunk off this joint.


The third single off of D4L's self-titled album is major in the clubs, not to mention in the streets. As simple as the hook might be (and you can interpret it how you want) the lyrics are nice. In typical Bankhead swagger, Shawty does his thing.

The good thing about D4L is that they allow each artist to branch into their own realm with no envy involved. Fabo is doing his thing, Shawty is all over the town with "I'm Da Man", and Mook is doing business as usual. All key ingredients of a winning formula.

Also, Ice Cube's in town tonight at Earthlink Live for his pre-promotion tour of the Laugh Now Cry Later album that drops on June 6. You gotta be in the building for that.


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