Memorial Day In Miami Showcases ATL's Prominence


Yo, I didn't realize how big Yung Joc was in the south. Man, all I heard was "It's Going Down" throughout the whole weekend in Miami. I knew he was killing ATL for a minute but dammit man' that's all I heard. As a matter of fact, all you mainly heard was ATL music. The A is firmly planted.


Memorial Day in Miami is must-see T.V. though, believe me. It was just like any other urban fest though, with big rims and women scattered everywhere so if you've seen one you seen 'em all. And yep, that same midget was down on south beach leanin' and rockin'.

But overall it was on point. Only a couple of murders I hear so that was an improvement (sad but true-it is what it is).Greg Street's car show was serious as expected, Kay Slay might have to watch out because Street's car show is a traveling monster right now. Any ride you wanted to see was there.

But enough of that, I heard 103.3 deejay Ryan Cameron's Diddy Ball was major here in Atlanta over the weekend. I also hear Ryan makes a 1/2 mill in base salary too, damn! I'm in the wrong profession.


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