Bobby Brown Throws Bash For Pops: Diddy Announces Memorial Day Bash


Bobby Brown and sister Tina Brown (the Whitney snitch) celebrated their father Pops' birthday at Club Insomnia recently. The night was part of a live taping for a future episode of the Being Bobby Brown show which is hanging in the balance as to whether it will be back this year.

Bobby's sister Tina is the lady who sold Whitney out to the National Enquirer a few moths back.

Whitney wasn't in the building, I'm hearing that her reluctance to participate in show tapings has led Bravo to consider dropping the show, supporting the rumors that the producers are currently looking for another network. All of this on the heels of New Edition's concert at Chastain Park last weekend. Bobby's got one speed, "full throttle" and I love that about him.

Also Diddy officially announced that he'll be throwing a Memorial Day Bash this weekend at the club "We Love To Hate", Club Vision. Not my favorite spot but hey it's a Diddy event and you can't go wrong with that.

I'll announce everyhting that's poppin off later this week, I'm still awaiting confirmation on a couple of events. I'll be in Miami this weekend so somebody fill me in on how it was next week.


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